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Evaluation on the Resource I Shared: The Creators' Copyright Coalition - 1 views

started by siyuwang on 04 Dec 14
  • siyuwang
    According to this article "The CCC Position on Bill C-32, the Copyright Modernization Act", the CCC, which is an alliance of 16 professional associations of work creators, and represents the position of most creators who hold copyright, shows an opposed position against Bill C-32 and relative stipulations about expanding the categories of fair dealing. The representatives of CCC argue that the share of their works need to be authorized and charged so that they are paid to keep creating. The clauses with regarding to fair dealing is hurting their interests and rights, especially the new "education" exception under "fair dealing" presents a cost saving for schools but eat into the incomes of creators. Nowadays, it becomes increasingly difficult to balance the interest between work creators and the audiences. I think as for alleviating the repulsion from creators and encouraging them to keep creating new works but at the same time, guarantee the interest of fair dealing users, the government funding and support plays a significant role. Government should invest expenditure to financially support the work creators, guarantee their income, and encourage them to make their work open access for a period of time, and issue relevant acts such as the Appropriations Bill, which states that any recipient of federal funding from education, labor, health, social services, any of the different agencies in the federal, any one who receives funding and publishes an article must make that article freely available to everyone not less than 12 months after it's published. This is a good method to promote open access of knowledge and at the same time, protect the interest of creators.

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