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Christine Bauer-Ramazani

SpeechTrans - 0 views

    iPhone translation; SpeechTrans is a universal language translator that lets you speak and understand over 54 Languages with Speech Recognition.
Christine Bauer-Ramazani

Pronuncian - 0 views

    American English Pronunciation--Pronuncian offers free access to hundreds of pronunciation lessons and thousands of American English sounds. ■Exercises and even more playable audio files ■Video lessons ■TrueVoice recording and feedback system ■Structured online classes ■Personalized study recommendations ■Expanded tests, quizzes, and progress tracking ■Third-party ads are removed from all pages
Paul Beaufait

ESP for Busy College Students: Is the Blend of In-Class, Online & Mobile Learning the A... - 4 views

  • Neumeier (2005) more broadly defines a hybrid learning environment as “a combination of face-to-face (FtF) and computer assisted learning” used in a single course delivery context (p. 164).
  • hybrid language learning courses are “only going to foster successful language learning if they are carefully designed on the basis of an analysis of the participants’ needs and abilities” (p. 176).
  • Learning English for Special Purposes requires a high degree of interaction with peers, teachers, and content. Effective interaction with content was built into the instructional design, however increased levels of communication with peers and teachers are essential and these can be achieved only through the Internet.
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  • writing practice and communication were conducted mainly through the computer not the mobile devices
  • students were in agreement that the blend of in-class, online and mobile delivery was an optimal solution for internationally trained immigrants learning English in a post-secondary context. They found the combination of 1) speaking taught primarily face-to-face, 2) listening taught on the mobile devices and 3) writing taught mainly online to be an effective approach.
  • the in-class component seemed to maintain the integrity of the hybrid course overall as it fostered a sense of community amongst the learners. As noted by participants, it was the design of the materials and the way in which they were presented, not the technology used, that impacted the effectiveness of the course the most.
  • The traditional classroom meetings though, were found most beneficial in promoting face-to-face interaction, ad-hoc speaking, pronunciation practice and the development of other communication competencies supported by visual cues.
  • the findings indicate that students’ progress was enabled by effective instructional design integrating goals and content relevant to the specific group of learners, together with the appropriate methods and media which enabled and enhanced interaction within the content.
    Palalas, Agnieszka. (2010). ESP for busy college students: It the blend of in-class, online & mobile learning the answer? IALLT Journal, 41(1). Retrieved November 22, 2011, from
Christine Bauer-Ramazani

Technology & Curriculum Integration - 25 views

    based on the new eBook Technology for Learning: A Guidebook for Change
Illya Arnet


    at www.CALL4ALL.US offers free access to thousands of online Dictionaries, Language learning and teaching websites & recommended language software shopping selections.
    This seems to be a very comprehensive site. Especially check out the list of dictionaries!
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