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Brett Boessen

New Media Literacies - Learning in a Participatory Culture - 72 views

  • Collective Intelligence
    • Brett Boessen
      via Pierre Levy
    I am interested in learning new techniques of teaching, a way to get learners attention.
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    there are not limitations for learning keep continue ever
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Bill Genereux

Opinion: Papert led revolution in learning - 25 views

  • I think he would protest the extent to which schooling — assisted by computers or not — continues to be largely dominated by a mindset presupposing young people will not learn unless they are taught, and how few freedoms are offered students to self-direct their own learning.
  • I am convinced that the best learning takes place when the learner takes charge.
    I think he would protest the extent to which schooling - assisted by computers or not - continues to be largely dominated by a mindset presupposing young people will not learn unless they are taught, and how few freedoms are offered students to self-direct their own learning.
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Bill Genereux

We, the Web Kids - Alexis Madrigal - Technology - The Atlantic - 19 views

  • our competition, our desire to be different, is built on knowledge, on the ability to interpret and process information, and not on monopolising it.
Bill Genereux

First Principles - Liberty, Technology, and the Advent of Social Networking - 20 views

  • are you a data set that Facebook counts on to offer to its advertisers—with the opt-outs subsidized by the fools who don't change their privacy settings?
  • The world, emptied of meaning, presents an unbearable situation in which meaning must be imposed
  • Even questioning takes a back seat to Google's anticipation of your query.
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  • We can hardly do anything without irony, since the Internet haunts us with the vision of every possible alternative.
  • since many events are announced to us only virtually, we might not take reality seriously either.
  • Will babies swaddled in social media still grow up to desire the rational milk without guile? Or will the real world become a bric-a-brac, an inferior knockoff of virtual reality?
  • Where we have the option to practice virtue without the use of technology, we should do so.
Bill Genereux

Rogue Downloader's Arrest Could Mark Crossroads for Open-Access Movement - Technology -... - 13 views

  • Last fall, Mr. Swartz began an appointment as a research fellow at Harvard's Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics,
  • The university then tried to obstruct Mr. Swartz's laptop specifically, by barring the Media Access Control address, or MAC address, that the network had assigned to his computer.

What is [the] Next Generation Learning? - 13 views

    Great education opportunities available to the wealthy and elite of Britain. An 11-year old English boy named "Harry" tells us about all the really fancy, expensive computer equipment used at his school. It even ties in with their class trip to Madrid!
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Nate Bozarth

YouTube - Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world - 4 views

    "we need to make the real world more like the virtual world"
Hunter Gilson

YouTube - Four Authors Discuss How Social Media is Changing Reading and Writing - 10 views

    Pretty interesting to see how a new medium is effecting another.
Kelsey Duck

Effects of cutting off Technology in Egypt - 3 views

    Thrilling information given here. They have statistics on how much internet can actually be taken away, along with information on how people react without internet
Joshua Chumbley

Wired youth forget how to write in China and Japan - 1 views

    Not entirely relevant to China's firewall but still interesting and important.
Bill Genereux

The Escapist : News : I Bought a Satellite and All I Got Was This Stupid News Post - 5 views


Mind vs. Machine - Magazine - The Atlantic - 6 views

    technology is more human than humans are
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