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Bill Genereux

The Really Smart Phone - - 5 views

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Stephanie Patterson

The millionth treatise on social media and sports - 1 views

    An interesting take on how twitter is breaking into the privacy that the sports clique offers...

Another Technology-Related Privacy Complaint - 3 views

    School accused of spying on students through webcams in school-issued MacBooks. I've seen a few stories like this- I've yet to see one come to any fruition. But it's something to think about as another way media can be pervasive- or a way technology could become pervasive. Does the battle for the view include the battle for being viewed (or not viewed)?
Steven Kelly

Sherry Turkle - The Colbert Report - 1/17/11 - Video Clip | Comedy Central - 4 views

    MIT professor Sherry Turkle talks with Stephen Colbert about the subject of her book "Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other." She argues that we should exercise more restraint when using technology.
Bill Genereux

News: Video Killed the Faculty Star - Inside Higher Ed - 0 views

  • selective editing is the very thing the use of video invites – and it’s something that should be a real concern for academe
    • Bill Genereux
      Exactly why video literacy is so important
  • We have a genuine problem in what amounts to the public misrepresentation of what has taken place in classrooms, combined with the incredible persuasiveness of video
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • the dialogue between professors and students should stay within the closed community of the classroom
  • The notion is that academic freedom and completely honest communication in the classroom requires a certain degree of privacy for all the people there, that they need to be able to be frank, that they need to express their emotions honestly, that the classroom is not a stage, that it’s not designed to be a public performance
  • Phone cameras, the apparent source of the Louisiana State clip, allow students to surreptitiously record just about anything, and granting hundreds or thousands of students access to a video – password protected or not – obviously invites distribution.
Bill Genereux

Hack of the Day: Face Detection with HTML5 & JavaScript - 0 views

    • Bill Genereux
      I think it's only a matter of time before face recognition is coupled with mobile devices and you can identify a stranger on the street by taking their photo and submitting it to a database for evaluation.
Bill Genereux

Views: Over It Yet? Privacy, That Is - Inside Higher Ed - 0 views

  • social media were invented not to promote your own reality show or to engage student learners in the digital age but to make money via programming and targeted advertising at your and your institution’s personal expense
  • give marketers and advertisers the most direct window into our psyche and buying habits they've ever had
  • imagine the level of awareness by other majors not required to understand privacy invasion, liability and social responsibility
Bill Genereux

U. of Illinois Removes Controversial Professor From Teaching Duties - The Ticker - The ... - 1 views

  • allowing a student to videotape a class discussion without getting other students' consent
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