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Brett Boessen

New Media Literacies - Learning in a Participatory Culture - 72 views

  • Collective Intelligence
    • Brett Boessen
      via Pierre Levy
    I am interested in learning new techniques of teaching, a way to get learners attention.
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    there are not limitations for learning keep continue ever
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Merging TV and Web (Social Media): The Future of News? - 3 views

    Al-Jazeera debuts new TV news program which features social media and blogging. Could be interesting...

Librarians: Future of Ed Tech - 3 views

    Why librarians are our future.

The Millennial Generation Is Getting Clobbered - Newsweek - 4 views

    Statistics on Generation Me
Hilary Dees

Global Politician - The Map as the New Media Metaphor - 2 views

  • Inevitably, these technological transitions have altered the media experience by fragmenting the market for content. Every viewer now abides by his or her own idiosyncratic program schedule and narrowcasts to "friends" on massive social networks. Everyone is both a market for media and a distribution channel with the added value of his or her commentary, self-generated content, and hyperlinked references
  • Cell (mobile) phones will be instrumental in the ascendance of the map.
  • users will derive data from the Internet and superimpose them on their physical environment in order to enhance their experience, or to obtain more and better information regarding objects and people in their surroundings.
    This article explores how maps are the most useful metaphor for dealing with new media.
Isaak Lehew

Magical Girls and Atomic Bomb Sperm: Japanese Animation in America - 2 views

    Don't let the title distract you.
Chris Presnell Belief In Media: Cultural Perspectives On Media And Christianity (978075463... - 1 views

    A book I checked out from the library about religion and media
Adria Ley

"The Nation Stands Behind You": Mobilizing Social Support on - 0 views

    an "interpretive analysis of 514 comments" left on multiple blog posts of a professional athlete

JSTOR: Annual Review of Anthropology, Vol. 30 (2001), pp. 19-39 - 1 views

    Early language and alphabet in the Philippines. 
Stephanie Patterson

With Shaquille O'Neal its leader, Twitter is changing sports - 3 views

    This article offers an explaination as to why athletes are engaging in twittering, and why fans like it.
Jesse Walker

African Mass Media -- Shallow Roots and Little Influence - 1 views

  • Colonialism brought the print and electronic media which become another form of communication hitherto unused in African Societ
  • role of the media in Africa is something that to date has not yet been clearly ascertained.
  • First, African media systems are very small urban phenomena.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Second, when it comes to the print media it is only those who can read and write and have the purchasing power who have access to the limited titles available
  • Third, African media systems are so undercapitalised that existence is precarious and the mortality of newspapers and magazines is very high. This is compounded by poor management and poor distribution systems. The transport networks are so underde
  • In terms of content, most programming is cheap and old programmes from Europe, North America and Australia.
  • perhaps the media in Africa is used more for its entertainment value than its ability to inform or teach people how to improve their living standards
Stephanie Patterson

Faulty Syracuse basketball tweets bring social media problems into focus | Democrat and... - 4 views

  • What can make a tweet or Facebook post dangerous is its immediacy and lack of a filter. Posts can be deleted, but if they've already been seen and re-tweeted, often the damage has been done.
  • Twitterversy.
    Some of the issues involved in 'tweeting' in the public eye, especially if it's not being filtered by a publicist...
    I love the phrase "Twitterversy"! I tried to highlight it, but who knows if it worked...
Stephanie Patterson

The millionth treatise on social media and sports - 1 views

    An interesting take on how twitter is breaking into the privacy that the sports clique offers...
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