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Ebey Soman

Convictions on World War I: The War and The Workers by Rosa Luxemburg | Socyberty - 5 views

    Thrice handicapped-a woman, a Pole, and a Jew- Rosa Luxemburg was the most eloquent voice of the left wing of German Social Democracy, the defender of Marxist purity against all comers, and a constant advocate of radical action. She spent much of the war in jail, where she wrote and then smuggled out the pamphlet titled "The War and the Workers." The pamphlet became the guiding statement for the International Group, which became the Spartacus League and ultimately the Communist Party of Germany in January 1st of 1919.
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Web ushers in age of ambient intimacy - International Herald Tribune - 0 views

  • It is easy to become unsettled by privacy-eroding aspects of awareness tools. But there is another — quite different — result of all this incessant updating: a culture of people who know much more about themselves. Many of the avid Twitterers, Flickrers and Facebook users I interviewed described an unexpected side-effect of constant self-disclosure. The act of stopping several times a day to observe what you're feeling or thinking can become, after weeks and weeks, a sort of philosophical act. It's like the Greek dictum to "know thyself," or the therapeutic concept of mindfulness. (Indeed, the question that floats eternally at the top of Twitter's Web site — "What are you doing?" — can come to seem existentially freighted. What are you doing?) Having an audience can make the self-reflection even more acute, since, as my interviewees noted, they're trying to describe their activities in a way that is not only accurate but also interesting to others: the status update as a literary&nbsp;form.
    • Kevin Champion
      What I've been saying for a long time now, comforting to see it here!
    • Kevin Champion
      ... not to mention shadow theory, disowned subjects etc.
    • Mike Wesch
      Conversations emerge.
  • Laura Fitton, the social-media consultant, argues that her constant status updating has made her "a happier person, a calmer person" because the process of, say, describing a horrid morning at work forces her to look at it objectively. "It drags you out of your own head," she added. In an age of awareness, perhaps the person you see most clearly is&nbsp;yourself.
    • Kevin Champion
  • "It's just like living in a village, where it's actually hard to lie because everybody knows the truth already,"
    • scross
      Where Anon differs is a network where nobody knows anything about anyone.
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  • lonely people ripped from their social ties.
    • Mike Wesch
      Students can add a note anywhere on any page.
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