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Bill Genereux

JMS to offer new digital media literacy course : School of Journalism & Media Studies - 22 views

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Librarians: Future of Ed Tech - 3 views

    Why librarians are our future.
Nadia Arancio

A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies - 2 views

    A theoretical overview of the connections between the changing social environment facing students and teachers and a new approach to literacy pedagogy that they call "multiliteracies."
Bill Genereux

News: Video Killed the Faculty Star - Inside Higher Ed - 0 views

  • selective editing is the very thing the use of video invites – and it’s something that should be a real concern for academe
    • Bill Genereux
      Exactly why video literacy is so important
  • We have a genuine problem in what amounts to the public misrepresentation of what has taken place in classrooms, combined with the incredible persuasiveness of video
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  • the dialogue between professors and students should stay within the closed community of the classroom
  • The notion is that academic freedom and completely honest communication in the classroom requires a certain degree of privacy for all the people there, that they need to be able to be frank, that they need to express their emotions honestly, that the classroom is not a stage, that it’s not designed to be a public performance
  • Phone cameras, the apparent source of the Louisiana State clip, allow students to surreptitiously record just about anything, and granting hundreds or thousands of students access to a video – password protected or not – obviously invites distribution.
dolors reig

Facilitación en Comunidades o Redes sociales online: Howard Rheingold | El ca... - 0 views

    Por si alguien aún no ha oído hablar de él, Howard Rheingold es un importante escritor y crítico sobre los aspectos económicos y socioculturales de
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