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Surveillance has reversed the net's capacity for social change / Boing Boing - 0 views

    "But with the Snowden revelations and the widespread understanding of ubiquitous Internet surveillance (something that a minority was always aware of, of course), sociologists have observed a marked chilling effect on political and social discourse, as people who disagree with the majority fear that their searches and discussions will be observed, correlated, logged and use to ascribe guilt to them. "
dr tech

SociBot: the 'social robot' that knows how you feel | Art and design | - 0 views

    "While capable of mimicking others, the SociBot's slightly sinister side comes from the fact that it is also watching you. Equipped with two cameras in its head and a depth sensor in its chest, it can detect gestures and movements, as well as judge your emotions by mapping the position of your features over a series of internal templates."
Mcdoogleh CDKEY

BBC News - Google Buzz 'breaks privacy laws' says watchdog - 0 views

    A leading privacy watchdog files a complaint with US regulators urging them to investigate Google's Buzz social network.
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