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John Evans

How to Use iPads in Your Classroom - Los Angeles tech support | - 2 views

    "Overview: Introduce iPads into a 2nd-8th grade class

    Big Idea: How can you use iPads to achieve educational goals?"
John Evans

1:1 iPads in Elementary Part 1 - An Unexpected Journey by @DanCallahan - TeacherCast Blog - 0 views

    "A whole year and a half ago, I wrote up a five part blog series about how I got to use a set of 20 iPads for two weeks. It was a phenomenal two weeks. "
John Evans

Solving The Riddle Of iPad Integration: Part 1 | TeachThought - 0 views

    "In lieu of being incredible pieces of hardware with significant learning potential, iPad adoption has produced uneven learning results thus far. In some cases, they enchant learners and encourage practice, creativity, and collaboration, while in other settings they offer up a drudgery and mediocrity of their own to deepen existing excesses of each. The question is, why?"
John Evans

18 Snapshots Of iPad Integration | TeachThought - 9 views

    "More than 600 school districts in America have brought iPads into the classroom. Had they waited a bit longer, they could have taken advantage of studies like these to know whether the iPad movement is the wave of the future of education, or a waste of valuable resources."
John Evans

Technology Integration for Math Engagement » iPad Integration in the Classroo... - 1 views

    "Today, provided a new venture in the field of technology integration for me, as I was granted the opportunity to lead a staff development training on iPads. As I look back, I now see how I was roped into this position. Here is the short version: "Dan, could you use a set of 20 iPads in your math classroom?" My response, "Absolutely, thank you!" Response back a few months later, "Okay, you got them…by the way would you lead an iPad training?""
John Evans

Six Examples of iPad Integration in the 1:1 Classroom | Edutopia - 1 views

    • 6) Digital Literacy by Andy Marcinek (@AndyCinek on Twitter)

      Objective: Demonstrate what you have learned throughout this class. Consider the Google Zeitgeist 2011 video we watched prior to break. It should work as a demonstration of what you learned as opposed to a retelling of applications and ideas you learned.

      NOTE: I'm not looking for a PowerPoint presentation.

      Requirements: Creatively show what you have learned from the course.

      • You may want to demonstrate how you will use these skills in the future.
      • You may want to highlight one application or multiple applications that appeal to you.
      • You may want to present on a specific subject such as digital health and wellness, digital identity, social media, privacy or creative commons.
      • You may want to create something entirely new using the applications and ideas you gleaned from this course.
      • You may want to create a movie trailer for this course.
      • You may want to create a documentary about this course.
      • Or, you may want to do something completely different.

      Grading: You will be graded on your ability to clearly demonstrate to an audience your learning over the past few weeks. I will be looking for the following items in your final work:

      • Creativity
      • Engagement
      • Understanding
      • Proficiency
      • Presentation
      • Participation (in class)


      Presentations and demonstrations will begin on January 11th and conclude on January 13th.


    "At Burlington High School in Burlington, MA, we are entering our eighth month of a 1:1 iPad initiative that began in September 2011. Don't get me wrong, we think the iPad is a great device for learning and gives each of our students a dynamic learning tool that can be used across the content areas and to accomplish a variety of tasks. Many of the critics claim that we are backing our students into a corner by giving them one brand and one skill set to learn exclusively on one device. This is not the case at Burlington. Furthermore, I have support. "
    A showcase of assignments used with iPads in a 1:1 program.
Lucy Gray

iTunes - Books - Hot Apps 4 HOTS by Lisa Johnson & Yolanda Barker - 20 views

    Excellent, excellent resource! A must download!
John Evans

A Startling Real-World Account of iPad Integration | Edudemic - 7 views

    "What if your school had the means to purchase a piece of education technology for your classroom? What would you pick?

    Given the choice, a school in the UK went right for the iPad (as you probably guessed from the title of this article). Why did they pick iPads? Because that's what the students, faculty, staff, and parents all wanted to as fast as possible. They had the option to have netbooks, laptops, and other education technology but it was iPads all the way."
Dean Mantz

iPads in the Classroom: Integration Matters | Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning - 14 views

    Joshua A. Danish says it takes a village to effectively integrate new technologies such as the iPad into elementary classrooms.
    As we reported recently, some school districts are investing in iPad2 touchpad tablets in kindergarten classrooms. In an opinion piece published in the Indianapolis Star, Indiana University assistant professor Joshua A. Danish says that though tablets such as the iPad have potential to be a powerful tool for teaching and learning, educators shouldn't jump the gun.
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