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Lucy Gray

Ipad Educators - 10 views

    FEATURE: Chemistry of Combos - The Next Generation"
John Evans

1 iPad in the classroom - 15 views

    "You may be lucky enough to have 1 iPad in the classroom, but unlucky enough not to have access to a class set. iPad

    Here are 10 free ideas to help you and your pupils get the very best out of the 1 iPad in the classroom."
John Evans

Ideas for the One iPad Art Room - Dryden Art - 3 views

    Digital Portfolio"
John Evans

Six Examples of iPad Integration in the 1:1 Classroom | Edutopia - 1 views

    • 6) Digital Literacy by Andy Marcinek (@AndyCinek on Twitter)

      Objective: Demonstrate what you have learned throughout this class. Consider the Google Zeitgeist 2011 video we watched prior to break. It should work as a demonstration of what you learned as opposed to a retelling of applications and ideas you learned.

      NOTE: I'm not looking for a PowerPoint presentation.

      Requirements: Creatively show what you have learned from the course.

      • You may want to demonstrate how you will use these skills in the future.
      • You may want to highlight one application or multiple applications that appeal to you.
      • You may want to present on a specific subject such as digital health and wellness, digital identity, social media, privacy or creative commons.
      • You may want to create something entirely new using the applications and ideas you gleaned from this course.
      • You may want to create a movie trailer for this course.
      • You may want to create a documentary about this course.
      • Or, you may want to do something completely different.

      Grading: You will be graded on your ability to clearly demonstrate to an audience your learning over the past few weeks. I will be looking for the following items in your final work:

      • Creativity
      • Engagement
      • Understanding
      • Proficiency
      • Presentation
      • Participation (in class)


      Presentations and demonstrations will begin on January 11th and conclude on January 13th.


    "At Burlington High School in Burlington, MA, we are entering our eighth month of a 1:1 iPad initiative that began in September 2011. Don't get me wrong, we think the iPad is a great device for learning and gives each of our students a dynamic learning tool that can be used across the content areas and to accomplish a variety of tasks. Many of the critics claim that we are backing our students into a corner by giving them one brand and one skill set to learn exclusively on one device. This is not the case at Burlington. Furthermore, I have support. "
    A showcase of assignments used with iPads in a 1:1 program.
John Evans

This Ideas App Has A New Idea For Managing Your Ideas [Review] | Cult of Mac - 3 views

    "Ideas is an iOS app for managing, organising and sorting your ideas and thoughts. It stands out from the crowd thanks to a refreshingly different interface that does the job very well. It usually costs two bucks, but right now it's on sale for one dollar."
John Evans

15 Ways To Use The New iPad In Classrooms | Edudemic - 1 views

    "Inspired by the magnificent edu-tweeter @ShellTerrell, I wanted to share a few of the great ways she and her fellow tweeps plan on using the new iPad in the classroom. I love crowdsourcing this kind of information. I've taken the liberty of using some of the many tweets and enhancing them to give a better idea about the actual way to use the iPad in the classroom."
John Evans

Teaching Kids with iPads - Part 4 of 5 | Elementary School Tech Ideas - 11 views

    "Some times when I am speaking at a conference about iPads in education teachers will share a concern that they have about every student getting an iPad. They are worried than the students will just work in isolation and our society will become even more fractured and self-centered with students never learning to work together. "
John Evans

iPad vs. laptop Part 1 | Elementary School Tech Ideas - 5 views

    "I believe that I have now gotten to the point of giving up my laptop (MacBook Pro) and just use my iPad 2 for everything that I do. My poor laptop has not left my desk for months, but how do I really get things done (like work) on my measly little iPad (16 GB model)?"
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