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yunju wang

a set of: When can't get one, make a clone. - 0 views

    Bog entry: Chinese clone iPad, iPed. The product of censored infortation and trict internet regulation in China.
Claudine Pache

Gold and diamond encrusted iPad available for the mega-rich - 0 views

    "The ultimate iPad - for $200,000" so, this is really nuts, but kind of funny so thought I would share.

    Available in the UK, encrusted with 25.5 carats of flawless diamonds, 53 of the gems "dwell beautifully in their solid 22ct Apple logo". Have just placed my order...better hurry, only 10 available.
yunju wang

Is iPad supercharging e-book piracy? | Fully Equipped - CNET Reviews - 0 views

  • he Kindle still has its own platform and file format for e-books, but most of the big e-reader players, including Apple, have now adopted the ePub format.
  • that claims that "book piracy costs the industry nearly $3 billion, or over 10 percent of total revenue." Most people think that figure is very inflated, but the point is there are some big numbers involved and they only stand to get bigger as powerful e-readers like the iPad become more prevalent and tempt people to acquire content without paying for it because, well, too many of them have become used to it.
    The popularity of ipad has raised book piracy issue. Since dowloading books is relatively fast than downloading a movie or a song, publishers are seriously facing a problem of online piracy.
Castillo Rocas

Adobe vs. Apple - 1 views

    Adobe starts an advertising campaign against Apple!
    'We Love Choice' - 'We Love Apple'
    This is getting hotter and hotter. This is the official reaction from Adobe. 
Elizabeth Gan

Obama: iPod, iPad don't empower - 1 views

    This article discusses President Obama's views on the iPad, iPhone, Xboxs etc as sources of entertainment, rather than a tool for empowerment. Though i have to find it somewhat ironic, as these platforms could offer new methods of campaigning for his next election!
Tamsin Lloyd

Thoughts on Flash - 0 views

    Open Standards vs Cross Platform - it's starting to sound like politics. Confusing. Misleading. Impractical. Constrained.
  • ...1 more comment...
    Steve Jobs released an open letter on the Apple website explaining why they decided not to allow Flash on their iPhones, iPod Touches and the new iPad.

    Interestingly, the very first arguement is about open software and open program standards such as html5, css and JavaScript, so highly relevant for the course.
    A good discussion on Apple's view on Flash, following our class discussion on standards and the iPad not supporting Flash.
    Came across this article the other day - basically saying that if Adobe wants to prove that Flash can run on iPhones without any major issues, they can simply use iPhones that have been "jailbroken" (meaning they've been hacked and any app can be downloaded - circumventing the App Store). Adobe could create a Flash app to run on the iPhones and prove its points about security and performance of Flash on mobile devices.
Tiana Stefanic

Adobe vs. Apple is going to get uglier | ITworld - 0 views

    Apparently the showdown between Adobe and Apple might result in a lawsuit in the weeks to come.

    Adobe has 95% Web browser market penetration, whilst apparently Apple has a monopoly on mobile applications, to the tune of 99.4% of downloads.

    It seems like some sort of synergy must be reached between the two companies.
César Albarrán Torres

Microsoft Office on iPad? Don't Hold Your Breath - 0 views

    No Office on iPad..... mmm... interesting.... 

Ipad domain names for sale - 0 views

    After reading the domain name articles this week and discussing cybersquatting in class this seems to be the perfect example of recent cybersquatting!
Tiana Stefanic

The iPad and the e-Book Revolution - 0 views

    Extensive report about the potential challenges to be faced by publishers as they adapt to the predicted 'e-book revolution'
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