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lacey walker

Lime Wire scrambles to avoid annihilation - 0 views

    What do technologies which main function provides a platform for the illegal sharing resort to once the crack down starts? Even though these companies did not directly share the copyrighted sources, they did provide the technology for their users to do so. In the case of Lime Wire, they seem to be choosing plain ignorance of the law to continue their open networks. They have countless years of promises to music executives to create filters, and screening for pirated downloads, but have constantly chose to not follow through. Once again they seem to be choosing the, "we will do it now," stance, but it seems it may just be empty promises once again and the ultimate end to the most popular site for illegal music sharing.
yunju wang

Has online piracy reached a tipping point? | Digital Media - CNET News - 1 views

  • There might be just a point here where the culture is changing on what's legitimate behavior online
  • free hasn't turned out to be a very profitable business model.
    Is the Internet free? Certainly not, just the fix pricing gives the virtual buffet of digital content that seemly and resonablly free to us, but is it really?
    Files sharing has reached the point that entertainment workers saying, enough is enough and they will do whatever it takes to ease this trend.
    Is our free culture of the Internet about to over though? Not quite, after years of habits enjoying content freely, it's not a over night change for people to accept to be charged.
yunju wang

Is online piracy a good thing? - - 0 views

    Lessig talk about the internet being a innovative commons where allow creation to be made. There might be a new business model that online file sharing will eventually benefit than causing profit loss.
yunju wang

New e-store for Australian books | The Australian - 1 views

  • Most of the available e-books will be free, out-of-copyright titles, according to Redgroup managing director Dave Fenlon.
  • We are all about making eBooks available no matter how customers want to read them," Mr Fenlon said.
    It is a trend after launched of ipad in US, more than 100 local pubclishers have signed up to supply ebooks to ebook store which opereates the Borders Australia and Angus & Robertson book chains.
    "Most of the available e-books will be free, out-of-copyright titles, according to Redgroup managing director Dave Fenlon." when things like this happen how do we draw a line between those with copyright and those without?
yunju wang

Attributor Blog » Online Book Piracy Costs U.S. Publishers Nearly $3 Billion - 0 views

    A survey done to see how online piracy has affected the revevue of publisher. approximately 3 billion was the answer.
yunju wang

The Millions: Confessions of a Book Pirate - 0 views

  • mainstream,
    • yunju wang
      to whom?
    Before it was google book and now with the popularity of ipad and all the other ebook devices rised the ebook piracy issue. Now with almost the same format, ePub downloading and file sharing become easier.
Louise McClean

Wolfire programmer: poor PC ports, not piracy, hurt business - 0 views

    Head programmer of Wolfire games, David, also talking about the methods of measurement for analysing economic losses through piracy that do not truly reflect losses terms of real world consumer spending
Louise McClean

US government finally admits most piracy estimates are bogus - 2 views

    Report released in the United States which says that it is almost impossible to quantify the economic wide impacts of piracy, figures which have been given in the past are likely to have grossly overestimate the actual losses made in reality, It discusses how much of infringing copyright should be counted as a lost sale. i.e. Counting one illegal download as one lost sale is unrealistic in terms of real world economics.

The Dutch Anti-Piracy organisation BREIN asks Internet provider Ziggo to block Torrent ... - 0 views

    The Dutch Anti-Piracy organisation BREIN has run out of options to try to shut down bit torrent websites and therefore has asked Internet provider Ziggo to block Torrent website ThePirateBay. Ziggo made clear that they are for 'open internet' and do not think they are responsible because they are just an intermediate.
yunju wang

Canberra urged to join net fightback | The Australian - 1 views

  • graduated-response" antipiracy laws, joining South Korea, Taiwan and New Zealand as the only nations to attack illegal downloading through a government-mandated system of warnings and penalties.
    Australiam Government may take some actions to prevent online piracy, now with the iinet case is still on going, AFACT urges the government to do something to stop repeat copyright theft in cyber world.
Sandra Rivera

U.K. Approves Crackdown on Internet Pirates - - 0 views

    As a response to lobbying from entertainment industry, the UK has become the second country to approve laws to punish piracy, where offenders can face temporary suspensions of their internet accounts
Rachael Bolton

US court deals setback to regulators over 'net neutrality' - 0 views

    The US Federal Communications Commission has been dealt a major blow in asserting its right to regulate net neutrality with a district court ruling the FCC had "failed to demonstrate" its authority to interfer with activity undertaken by internet service provider Commcast.

    Comcast had been moving to restrict the internet access of customers using peer-to-peer sharing software, which uses large amounts of bandwidth and is a common mode of illegal video and music piracy.
César Albarrán Torres

Warner Bros. Looks for Anti-Piracy Interns - 0 views

  • The UK arm of Warner Bros Entertainment is looking for students to spy on digital pirates.

    It seems logical: Students know about piracy, many of them have committed acts that would be considered digital piracy, so why not hire them as counterintelligence?

    Anyone interested?
Katharina Otulak

Spain: Non-Commercial File Sharing Is Legal - 0 views

    Surprisingly, a Spanish judge has ruled today in favor of a file-sharing website since P2P networks as a mere transmission of data between Internet users, would not violate, in principle, any right protected by Intellectual Property Law.

    Furthermore, he decided that "offering an index of links and/or linking to copyright material is not the same as distribution."

    The decision was based on the notion that the file-sharer doesn't make any direct or indirect profits off the site
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