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David Wetzel

Why Interactive White Boards are Used Ineffectively in Classrooms | Teaching Science an... - 73 views

    An interactive White Board (IWB) or SMART Board has the potential to deliver content better than traditional methods of teaching. Why? Because it provides multi-media functional interaction across audio, video, and computer media. It is also ideal for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. These qualities of an IWB also promote the dynamic delivery of content (if used to its full potential) in an engaging manner, which allows students to interact with science or math content their self. Examples include: * data manipulation * responding to data * even creating data So with all these attributes - "How are interactive white boards unsuccessfully used in science and math classrooms?" For the most part - not effectively!
Pam Turley

Group | Teachers TV - 0 views

    discussion board on interactive white boards
The0d0re Shatagin

6 Free Online Interactive White Boards | Emerging Internet Technologies for Education - 66 views

    Blog EmerginEdTech article on 6 online interactive whiteboards - the choices are worth exploring; you'll probably wind up using more than one
David Wetzel

6 Tips and Tricks for Using Interactive White Boards - 49 views

    Interactive whiteboards (IWB) allow science and math teachers to teach multi-sensory lessons, seamlessly jumping from one type of media to another. Interactive science or math lessons can easily integrate text, sound, video, and graphics based on the tactile nature of the IWB.
Diane Woodard

Adventures in Ed Tech: Ten Interactive White Board Web 2.0 Tools - 111 views

    "Ten Interactive White Board Web 2.0 Tools"
Amy Roediger

Curriculumbits : Free Online Interactive Whiteboard Teaching Resources for all Subject ... - 17 views

    Large searchable library of games, quizzes, animations and videos
    Free teaching resources for using an interactive white board.

Smart Board Resources, Smartboard, Whiteboard, White board, smart board - 4 views

    Great site for interactive activies for a IWB
David Wetzel

Smart Board Implementation Strategies: Self Evaluation of Integration of Interactive Wh... - 0 views

    A three level self assessment is presented for determining levels of strengths and weaknesses with white boards, along with recommendations for professional development.
Gerald Carey

Map Jigsaw Puzzles - National Geographic - 1 views

    Three pages of interactive world maps made into a jigsaw. Great for the white board.
Jason Schmidt

StarrMatica Learning Systems - 17 views

    This is a fee-based service, but the activities it contains are aligned to standards. The interactives really help to unlock the potential of your interactive white board. Students can also access the activities from home for additional practice and reinforcement. It's a great service that might be worth checking out.
    and StarrMatica is sponsoring the 2010 IWB Challenge with a free school subscrption!
Amy Roediger

Stu's Quiz Boxes! - 73 views

    Make review games for your interactive white board with Stu's Quiz Boxes.
    This allows you to make a jeopardy style game for classroom use.
Ms. Rowley

No, just having IWBs does not make learning engaging » Moving at the Speed of... - 0 views

  • The mere presence of interactive white boards (IWBs) in a classroom, however, offers absolutely ZERO guarantees that learning opportunities in the room will be interactive, engaging, or inspiring. They might be, but that all DEPENDS– mostly on the TEACHER.
    • Ms. Rowley
      This is a misconception in many schools. How do we counter act w/o slowing down momentum
A Renee Prillaman

Professional development - 0 views

I am looking for training resources for teachers who are new to using interactive white boards

started by A Renee Prillaman on 17 Aug 10 no follow-up yet
Cara Whitehead

Vocabulary and Spelling City - 0 views

    Help make spelling time a fun time! can be an invaluable part of every child's spelling and vocabulary education with over 42,000 spelling words and customizable sentences. The games are fully functional on your interactive white board
Ian Bishop

SMART Notebook Templates and Files. - 39 views

    Links to SMART Notebook sites where you can download ready made Notebook files and templates. Custom Search Engine that searches only for notebook files.
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