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Cara Whitehead

Busting the Myths of Digital Learning - 29 views

    Survey from JogNog reveals schools unprepared to support digital learning - EdTech Times
Samantha Fecich

WednesdayswithSam - 38 views

    This wiki was created to be a resource for teachers, students, and parents to utilize in order to reinforce topics discussed in the classroom. This site is updated weekly as I obtain new information and resources. You will find many websites all separated by subject area. Learn and enjoy!
Ludmilla Smirnova - 52 views

    Podcast of Jim Holis
Dean Mantz

Tech Learning TL Advisor Blog and Ed Tech Ticker Blogs from TL Blog Staff - TechLearnin... - 0 views

    Very interesting thoughts regarding the implementation and usage of IWBs.
David Wetzel

10 Personal Response Systems Teaching Strategies: Best Practices for Using Clickers to ... - 59 views

    The use of this interactive wireless technology is ideal for stimulating student involvement using both interactive whiteboards and for one computer classrooms.
David Wetzel

6 Tips and Tricks for Using Interactive White Boards - 49 views

    Interactive whiteboards (IWB) allow science and math teachers to teach multi-sensory lessons, seamlessly jumping from one type of media to another. Interactive science or math lessons can easily integrate text, sound, video, and graphics based on the tactile nature of the IWB.
Jason Schmidt

StarrMatica Learning Systems - 17 views

    This is a fee-based service, but the activities it contains are aligned to standards. The interactives really help to unlock the potential of your interactive white board. Students can also access the activities from home for additional practice and reinforcement. It's a great service that might be worth checking out.
    and StarrMatica is sponsoring the 2010 IWB Challenge with a free school subscrption!
K Epps

quietube - 0 views

    quietube: Video without the distractions To watch web videos without the comments and crap, just drag the button below to your browser's bookmarks bar. On any of the supported video pages, click the bookmark button to watch in peace. Video without the distractions | Youtube, Viddler, Vimeo and more
Jose Paulo Santos

Activsoftware Inspire Edition : Promethean Planet - 1 views

    Our next generation of teaching and learning software has been designed by teachers for teachers, creating our very first user-generated solution - and we couldn't wait to share it with you… Activsoftware Inspire Edition delivers amazing functionality and exciting new features; making learning journeys more fun than ever before. Available exclusively to Promethean Planet members, our tailored preview specifically invites feedback, offering you the opportunity to shape the future of the de facto educational platform of tomorrow.
Ako Z°om

kodu from MS, for kids to program... - 0 views

  • Scratch project at MIT XNA Creators Club Alice StarLogo TNG Kodu Club at Explorer Elementary
    • Ako Z°om
      those softs are some good evolving apps for kids too.
    Kodu is a new visual programming language made specifically for creating games
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