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    Top 10 Big #eLearning eNews for #backtoschool 2012 : GlogsterEDU , EdFuture, CLASS2GO , Stanford University, Google Course Builder , GTA , Google Teachers Accademy, Wiziq Academic , TedEd , TreeHouse, Dell , Dell Social Inovation , StudyHall .Follow . If you enjoy reading add comments , share and rt

Google Plus, Chrome Apps and Tools gateway to knowledge in #education20: Complete #edte... - 0 views

    Complete #edtech20 guide to #googleplus in #education20 . Please add comments , feed-back and your thoughts related to google plus 

Google Plus, Chrome Apps and Tools gateway to knowledge in #education20: #googleplus is... - 0 views

    If you want a google plus invitation just leave a comment with your email and I will invite you to try this new semantic web tool and also I will invite you to join #edtech20 teachers circle to collaborate  with 150 teachers worldwide
Vahid Masrour

Google Plus: Is This the Social Tool Schools Have Been Waiting For? - 0 views

  • it may well be the granular level of privacy afforded by Google+ that is the key to making this a successful tool for schools
  • many schools and teachers have still been reluctant to "friend" students
  • that "always public" element of Twitter that makes many nervous
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • it's also about sharing with the right people. Circles will allow what educational consultant Tom Barnett calls "targeted sharing," something that will be great for specific classes and topics
  • Skype has become an incredibly popular tool to bring in guests to a classroom via video chat -
  • teachers are already talking about the possibility of not just face-to-face video conversation but the potential for integration of whiteboards, screen-sharing, Google Docs, and other collaborative tools
  • Google + seems like the solution for someone like me who wants to use the web to have conversations about school topics with students and parents and yet not have students and parents have access to my personal posts.
    • Vahid Masrour
      Parents and students on different Circles. You know you want it!
Paul Beaufait

Interesting Ways | - 4 views

    "a great example of crowdsourcing good quality classroom ideas" (¶1 retrieved 2011.05.16).
Paul Beaufait

Free Technology for Teachers: Brainstorming - Google Across the Curriculum - 5 views

    This post displays slides from a "workshop . . . [Richard Byrne] designed to introduced participants to variety of Google services that they can use in their classrooms. Included in the workshop are five collaborative brainstorming sessions" (2011.04.09, para. 1, retrieved 2011.04.10)
Paul Beaufait

Free Technology for Teachers: 5 Lesser-Known Google Tools for Students & Teachers - 6 views

    ". . . some of the lesser-known Google products that teachers should know about" (Richard Byrne, 2010.08.16, para. 1, retrieved 2011.04.10)

Google Apps - 0 views

    Super video tutorials to help staff understand the basics of Google apps.
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