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hite37 - 9 views

Hi, Thankyou for sharing storybirds. This is a great activity that I will implement into my classes as students can use creativity to demonstrate their understanding of topics in a fun and collabor...


Japanese Video's for Students - 3 views

Erin Website has heaps of clips covering a range of topics that can be good to introduce students to topics. Clips are in Japanese but you can put subtitles (English or Japanese) on so students can...

started by hite37 on 18 Oct 17 no follow-up yet

App for taking photos of paperwork & whiteboards - 9 views

Hi Chris and Jason, This app sounds great! I will definitely try it out whilst I'm on prac too! Thankyou for sharing.

EDC3100 resources technology sharing


Japanese Activities Website - 2 views

The Genki textbook has online activities that are free for students. Students can practice grammar, sentence structure, Japanese characters and more. This is a great way for students to study. http...

started by hite37 on 18 Oct 17 no follow-up yet

splatsq100 - 2 views

    Interactive 100 chart

Interactive 100 Number Chart - 4 views

    Not a bad resource to use! Will give this a try with my Year 1 students next week who are learning to count back!

Study Ladder - 2 views This app is great for students of all different abilities. It has a range of different activities such as games and lessons throughout a range of subjects. It also ...

EDC3100 education technology ICTexamples

started by cmeyr3 on 16 Oct 17 no follow-up yet

A Guided Reading Observation Template | Ms. Houser - 4 views

    Thank you so much for sharing the guided reading template! I am going to trial it next week with my five reading groups!

10 Great Websites For Creating Graphs and Charts - 5 views

    Thought this may be of help
    Thanks so much for sharing all these programs for graphing and creating charts! I will be using this for sure!
tt3100 - 2 views

Free and easy to use program for creating a timeline.

started by tt3100 on 24 Sep 17 no follow-up yet
tt3100 - 1 views

IWB resources to use during morning routine.

started by tt3100 on 24 Sep 17 no follow-up yet
tt3100 - 4 views

Awesome website with a large number of programs for students to create a blog, an animation or stories.

started by tt3100 on 27 Jul 17 no follow-up yet

Learning.21stCentury.Snapshot - Home - 5 views

    A fantastic website full of great ICT resources

An Excellent Website for Creating Educational Games to Use with Students In Class ~ Edu... - 9 views

    interactive games for children in the classroom

Transforming learning with ICT - 21 views

This was another interesting article from a teacher's perspective with using technology to transform learning


Techology and Teachers - 6 views

Ideas for finding a balance

technology teachers

started by beckyb94 on 06 Jun 17 no follow-up yet

Technology concepts - 3 views A very interesting read and concepts to look at.

started by lottie01 on 04 Jun 17 no follow-up yet


    This is a great resource, thanks for sharing. I love using YouTube in the classroom as I feel students relate well to visual prompts.

Virtual Manipulatives - 1 views

    Great IWB maths manipulatives resource. Includes backgrounds from Bears in a Boat to the cartesian plane and manipulatives such as counters, MABs and unifix cubes.
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