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Josh B

Ancient Roman History Timeline - 0 views

    • Josh B
      Timeline of how the Romains life went
  • Provides a chronological index of the history of Ancient Rome with extensive links to internet resources. Emphasis is placed upon the use of primary source material, numismatics, and a focus upon the roles of women in ancient time.
Matthew S

EAWC: Ancient India - 0 views

    • Matthew S
      ancient india budda
  • ad Gita describes a momentary surcease in a vast battle in which brothers fight brothers in bloody, historical technicolor. The principal character, Arjuna, sits in a chariot in the midst of the mass of soldiers who wait -- surprisingly patiently -- as Arjuna looks into his conscience and questions his divine charioteer, Krishna. Krishna's temporary job as charioteer is by no means accidental: this moment before the heat and horror of battle was chosen as precisely the right time to reflect on the nature of duty and devotion. The Bhagavad Gita, then, becomes a record of Arjuna's questions and Krishna's provocative responses. You might ask: What does this single work, a strangely didactic addition to the epic Mahabharata, "say" about ANCIENT INDIA
MIkayla CarnoHarf

China Farming - 0 views

  • Early China was also a river civilization. In this area, much of the landscape was covered with loess, which is a fine yellow dirt. During the floods losses would often clog irrigation ditches. The Chinese also began to build dikes to control the annual flooding.
    • MIkayla CarnoHarf
      china was having trouble controling flooding
MIkayla CarnoHarf

Ancient Egyptian Farming - 1 views

  • Hope you were able to afford a few animals such as some goats, pigs, ducks, cows, and geese. Animals were one of the most important things about farming. Animals helped you with jobs like trampling in the seeds, pulling your plow, eating unwanted grain or wheat and providing you with food and drink. But having these animals may have caused misfortune like if your donkey nibbled on someone else's crops the farmer could threaten to take you to court. Also if your animals were sick you had to do all the work that they did. If your animals were not marked they may have been stolen. Along with misfortunes came care. You had to take great care of your animals. You had to give them food, drink and you had to count your cattle. The herdsman drove the cattle past the overseer who counted them and wrote down the size of each cattle.
    • MIkayla CarnoHarf
      How farming worked in Ancient Egypt.
Josh B

Ancient India - 4 views

    • Josh B
      Takes you to a site of a certain time
  • Prehistoric (c. 8000 BC - 3000 BC)
Cameryn C

Ancient Greece - History of Ancient Greek World, Time Line and Periods, Archaic, Classi... - 2 views

    • Cameryn C
      Telling about how ancient Greece was tracked, how farmers came after followed by war and invasions.
  • The history
  • Greece
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • came early farmers and thecivilizations of the Minoan and Mycenaean kings
  • traced back to Stone Age hunters
  • Later
  • followed by a period of wars
  • invasions, known as the Dark Ages
    Ancient Greece History
Matthew S

Chinese Architecture - 1 views

    • Matthew S
      ancient china
Alex Orloff

Social class in ancient Rome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 0 views

    • Alex Orloff
      I never knew that there were so many different groups of social order in ancient rome
Jack S

Prehistory - Environmental history timeline - 0 views

    • Jack S
      Farming really changed how we lived and how we will live.
Jason Wu

Population: 7 Billion - 2 views

  • 7 Billion: How Did We Get So Big So Fast? Watch as global population explodes from 300 million to 7 billion.
  • Sometime Monday, the world will have more humans than ever: 7 billion, according to the U.N. Source: U.N. Population Division Credit: NPR Countries Grow Populations, And Face New Problems Oct. 31, 2011 text size A A A October 31, 2011 The U.N. estimates that the world's population will pass the 7 billion mark on Monday. Much of that growth has happened in Asia — in India and China. Those two countries have been among the world's most populous for centuries. But a demographic shift is taking place as the countries have modernized and lowered their fertility rates. Now, the biggest growth is taking place in sub-Saharan A
  • population
    • Jason Wu
      How should the population decline?
    Monday Oct. 31  World Population reaches 7 billion.  In 1820, earth has one billion people.  
Alexander AER

Alexander AER (arobison)'s Public Profile in the Diigo Community - 0 views

    My Diigo page.
Garth Holman

New Water Map Washes Away An Urban Legend : NPR - 0 views

    • Garth Holman
      Or What a Historian does: search for truth 
  • But when historians read this, they got confused
  • That, Richard says, is impossible. He pulls out a topographical map and points to the location of the marker
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • He says the story of the lagoon can be traced back to a single paragraph, written by the Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza, in March 1776
  • dated June 29, 1776. According to legend, that's when Spanish settlers supposedly set up camp on the shores of a lake called Laguna Dolores – Dolores Lagoon
  • "It's all just a big misunderstanding," he says, "but it has become legend.
  • Our lives are dedicated to figuring out what is from what isn't,"
  • "That's what a scientist does."
Mike Pennington

Students' History - 0 views

shared by Mike Pennington on 31 Oct 11 - No Cached
    Online Textbook created by Mr. Holman's and Mr. Pennington's students.
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