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Chris Dede

The Future of Predictive Analytics in Higher Ed - 1 views

    This is the easy part of predictive analytics - the hard part is those aspects related to learning.
Rupangi Sharma

10 Emerging Education and Instructional Technologies that all Educators Should Know Abo... - 1 views

  • focused on enhancing learning outcomes by leveraging data
    The author has updated his list that he made a yr ago. Comparing to that, he has kept the below 4 from last year's list. (apple ipad&other tablet devices, gamification of education (although last year he used the phrase ''gradually taking hold'' for this), student response systems and other synchronous tools, open educational resources). 

    He seems to be  an advocate of 'flipped classroom' but as mentioned within the article 'Educators Evaluate ''Flipped Classrooms'' posted by Prof Dede on Aug 29th, whether all of these 10 are 'transformative' is a different question. They are 'emerging' though.

    Some of the new entrants for this year include those everyone else here has been sharing such as free online courses with potential for credentials, BYOD move within classroom and effective data usage in learning settings. To me it seems like he is closely paying attention to the emergence of the last category. 
    The technologies that can have the best impact on education are evolving quickly from year to year, and the pace seems to be quickening.
Jeffrey Siegel

Big Data for Education: Data Mining, Data Analytics, and Web Dashboards - 5 views

    "So-called "big data" make it possible to mine learning information for insights regarding student performance and learning approaches. Rather than rely on periodic test performance, instructors can analyze what students know and what techniques are most effective for each pupil. By focusing on data analytics, teachers can study learning in far more nuanced ways."
Rupangi Sharma

8 Great Education and Instructional Technology Infographics - 1 views

    There's been a surge in the number of Infographics published this year that focus on instructional technologies and how they are evolving and being used.
Hannah Lesk

Data Analytics and Web Dashboards in the Classroom | Brookings Institution - 5 views

    These are important ideas - hope they archive the presentation, as it is opposite our section.
  • ...2 more comments...
    They've now posted the podcast of today's forum, as well as an issue summary brief.
    Thanks, Hannah, for sharing this!
    I followed this article to another really interesting article on th same site with a prediction of the use of data mining and web dashboards through the lens of big data. I think we are very close to being able to implement these ideas in the near future. Great article thanks for sharing!
    Heather, thanks for the additional information. Brookings is doing some good work in this area...
James Glanville

A 'Moneyball' Approach to College - Technology - The Chronicle of Higher Education - 2 views

    Brian Lukoff, a Technology & Education Postdoc Fellow working with Eric Mazur, just sent me this article which discusses their new ed tech startup Learning Catalytics.  It's the evolution of the Eric's clicker supported Peer Instruction.  I'm meeting with Brian and Eric on Tuesday to setup a TIE spring internship doing business development for Learning Catalytics.
Bridget Binstock

Data Analytics Tech Opportunities on the Rise - 4 views

    This article discusses some tech careers and locations of these opportunities.
    "The results are clear. Mobile computing, cloud computing, social business, and business analytics have gone beyond niche status and are now part of any modern organization's core IT focus," said IBM's Jim Corgel, general manager of ISV and Developer Relations. "IT professionals who can develop the skills needed to work across these technologies will be ready to meet growing business demand in the coming years."
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