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Montblanc Refills - 3 views

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Montblanc Refills

started by thomaslist on 06 May 22 no follow-up yet
Karen Wade

What shopping will look like in the future - 1 views

    For one who finds shopping in stores a form of recreation, I hope the Brave New World of retail won't take away our real time fun (not that I don't spend tons of time already on retail sites, but I still like to go to the store and feel the merchandise). Trying on a top in a virtual dressing room just isn't the same as wearing it. Oh well, maybe I also will be able to virtually "feel" it-but. . .
Ruth Cuadra

US Postal Service's official online store is on eBay - 0 views

    Is this future of quasi-govenment enterprise?
Ruth Cuadra

Inedible Vending - Vending machines move beyond food to provide more creative services - 0 views

    Would you buy art from a vending machine?  What would you buy from a vending machine in a museum store?
Ruth Cuadra

No regrets: Close that menu and enjoy your meal more - 0 views

    Certain physical acts of completion provide consumers with a sense of closure that makes them happier with their purchases. How can we apply this knowledge to stores/cafes?
Lisa Eriksen

First Nonprofit Grocery Store in U.S. Slated to Open in Pennsylvania | PND | Foundation... - 0 views

    Creative nonprofit financing for a needed service.  How could museums participate in such efforts.
Leslie Matamoros

Cash Mobs, the Anti-Groupon, Are Coming to a Store Near You - Business - GOOD - 0 views

    March 5, 2012
Ruth Cuadra

Bitcoins accepted by museum - 0 views

    As of today, the Museum of the Coastal Bend in Victoria, TX is the first public museum in the world to accept Bitcoin (for admission, or store purchases, or donations!) 
Ruth Cuadra

Million American Jobs Project - 0 views

    If this is true, do museum stores have an obligation to stock more American-made products?
Ruth Cuadra

The value of data - 0 views

    61% of respondents globally are more likely to buy from a brand that allows them to touch and feel the products wherever they are: in a store or on the net. What this reflects is that technology is delivering - and will more so in the future - a more complete and engaging sensory experience through a combination of graphics, sound, and even scent.
Elizabeth Merritt

How Germany Changed Its Mind, and Gave Benin Bronzes Back to Nigeria - The New York Times - 2 views

  • by a changing social consensus about the ethics of holding on to such items, and further strengthened by a backlash against Germany’s flagship cultural project: the Humboldt Forum,
  • Germany’s approach also contrasts with those of the United States and British governments, which have left decisions up to individual institutions
  • some of the most important museums in England cannot return their Benin Bronzes, even if they wanted to, without a change in the law. That includes the British Museum, which owns about 900 of the artifacts, arguably the world’s finest collection.
  • ...9 more annotations...
  • a key turning point there occurred in 2019, amid growing public pressure.
  • a rising awareness in Germany of its own colonial crimes — including the killing of tens of thousands of Nama and Herero people in what is now Namibia. The atrocity, carried out between 1904 and 1908, is widely seen as the first genocide of the 20th century.
  • Until then, the main vehicle for discussing the return of the Benin Bronzes had been the Benin Dialogue Group, a network founded in 2010 that brought together Nigerian representatives and figures from European museums with bronzes in their collections. The group, however, favored loans over transfers of ownership.
  • The agreement stipulated that all objects that had been obtained “unethically” would be liable for return and directed institutions to facilitate claims by producing publicly available inventories.
  • obstacles remained on the Nigerian side. Although the country had requested the return of the bronzes since the 1970s, there was conflict over who would take ownership of the artifacts. Both the Nigerian government and the oba of Benin, whose family ruled the historical Kingdom of Benin from which they were looted, claimed that they owned the items. Godwin Obaseki, the governor of Edo State, where Benin City is, said he acted as a facilitator to resolve the dispute.
  • Ultimately, he said, the oba’s family, Nigeria’s museum commission and the government of Edo State agreed to join a trust together, with independent directors that oversee the construction and operation of the new museum.
  • the agreement allows for 168 pieces chosen by Nigeria’s museum commission to remain in Germany “so that Benin’s art can be shown to the world.” The approximately 350 other bronzes that were part of the Berlin museum collections will be transported to Nigeria once the pavilion is completed.
  • Edo Museum of West African Art
  • It remains unclear who will pay for the shipment and insurance of the remaining items in Germany, and he noted that the bronzes’ storage and upkeep will come at a considerable cost, including electrical bills for climate control.
    The foreign minister's trip is the culmination of a yearslong process that upended Germany's approach to handling cultural items unjustly obtained during the colonial period. It is also part of a pioneering model for large-scale restitution, in which ownership is swapped before any artifacts change hands. Crucially, that approach allows for items to be restituted even if the country of origin does not yet have the facilities to store and exhibit them.
Ruth Cuadra

Piper backs Loungers expansion | Private equity | Investment - 1 views

    "Cafe and bar" as "third space" -- is "third space" becoming a buzz-word in the world of investments?
    Part of major trend in all places-- that need top 'pull' people into their physical space!!!\ Retail stores are going through the same transformation...
Megan Conn

Pop-up store sells chocolate for good deeds, not money | Springwise - 0 views

    Alternative money systems... I could see this working in museums that don't rely on admission revenue.  
    I saw this story--- thought there were some interesting possible lessons! There are major efforts in the alt currency space-- so I'd encourage you to keep thinking this one through... Ripe .. .
Johanna Fassbender's April 2013 Trend Briefing covering the consumer trend "CLEAN SLATE ... - 1 views

    Are museums utilizing e-retail to it's fullest potential?  How about celebrity curators for our stores?  
    Consumers trust new and 'clean slate' brands more and think they are better. Does this have any effect on museums who used to be/are still seen as trusted resources because they have a history of educating the public about art, history. science, etc.? Also, word of mouth marketing is where it's at!
Ruth Cuadra

Animal DNA and Mars kits: Welcome to the 99¢ store of the future - 0 views

    The world according to the Extrapolation Factory, a group of New York designers using a mixture of expert reports and crowd-sourcing to create products anywhere from 10 to 10,000 years in the future.
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