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Shane Roberts

To facilitate or to teach « Learn Online - 7 views

  • find the answers more quickly and efficiently
  • Ultimately they are unprepared for the facilitated and individually responsible and self motivated learning environment I try to encourage
    • Shane Roberts
      yet teachers are most likely to be responsible for independent research and learning. In my experience
  • The teach and instruct methods are a safe bet.
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  • My view is that probably too much is expected of learners that are new to a participatory approach to learning. They need time to get to a decent level of understanding of the subject matter and to a new way of learning.
    • Gabriela Sellart
      this is important.
Illya Arnet

Effective Online Facilitation - 0 views

  • Online teaching is moving from an emphasis on web content to a more interactive structure that recognises the social and interactive elements of knowledge construction, and to pedagogical approaches that enable student-centred (e.g. problem-based, inquiry-based, discovery, and authentic learning) which are found to be extremely effective for online learning
  • Effective online facilitation should engage, guide and motivate learners, and provide a safe and conducive environment for learning and communication exchange for all learners regardless of their prior experience and predisposition or otherwise towards online learning technologies.
  • it requires special skills by the facilitator to progress conversations from trivial surface level discussion and social exchange to deeper level engagement
Violeta Cautin

CoP: Best Practices - 0 views

  • Etienne Wenger
    • Gabriela Sellart
  • communities of practice are fundamentally self-organizing systems.
  • shared practice
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  • not a new kind of organizational unit; rather, they are a different cut on the organization's structure–one that emphasizes the learning that people have done together
  • outsiders and newcomers learn the practice in concrete terms, and core members gain new insights from contacts with less-engaged participants
  • defined by knowledge rather than by task
  • produces a shared practice as members engage in a collective process of learning
  • develop the knowledge that lets them do these other tasks
  • development ultimately depends on internal leadership.
  • have intrinsic legitimacy in the community
  • They are nodes for the exchange and interpretation of information.
  • They can retain knowledge in "living" ways
  • They can steward competencies to keep the organization at the cutting edge
  • They provide homes for identities.
  • Identity is important because, in a sea of information, it helps us sort out what we pay attention to, what we participate in, and what we stay away from.
  • recognizing the work of sustaining them
  • giving members the time to participate in activities
  • value communities bring is acknowledged
  • The art is to help such communities find resources and connections without overwhelming them with organizational meddling.
  • No community can fully design the learning of another; but conversely no community can fully design its own learning.
  • Communities of practice develop around things that matter to people. As a result, their practices reflect the members' own understanding of what is important. Obviously, outside constraints or directives can influence this understanding, but even then, members develop practices that are their own response to these external influences. Even when a community's actions conform to an external mandate, it is the community–not the mandate–that produces the practice.
    • Violeta Cautin
      Choice? Communities are created because their members choose to belong and participate to them. The can't be imposed.
  • Across business units: Important knowledge is often distributed in different business units.
  • Communities of practice arise as people address recurring sets of problems together
    Etienne Wenger
Joao Alves

Futurelab - Resources - Publications, reports & articles - Web articles - Working with ... - 0 views

  • One behaviour in online groups that has been extensively studied is that of the non-participating members, termed the ‘lurkers’ - Etienne Wenger[2] calls them Legitimate Peripheral Participants. Lurkers are widely known to be among the majority of defined members and they have been found to make up over 90% of most online groups. They are perhaps the most important members in view of their potential to contribute to online groups.
    • Illya Arnet
      Are lurkers also part of the community or are they standers-by? IF they become part of the ocmmunity only after participating, after what amount of activity would they then be considered part of the community? If they ARE part of the community, what distinguishes them from mere interested on-lookers?
  • online learning communities are grown, not built online learning communities need leaders personal narrative is vital to online learning communities.
  • all you need is love control the environment, not the group lead by example let lurkers lurk

Light Up Learn To Play Keyboard - 0 views

    This product really works great for an adult beginner like me. I've placed "Color Piano Stickers for Keys" that identifies each key with a note - which enabled me to read sheet music (this product comes with 2 books and I have a scale book) and learn even more quickly. I love the larger LCD screen, too. I am pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the lessons - I can now play a few easy songs (without light's guidance) just in days. The only thing that is missing - Casio needs to sell us MIDI music files that are formatted and ready to be uploaded into the piano for more lighted lessons. Update after one month: I can now play Moonlight Sonata (without any lighted key assistance).
Mike miller

Distance Education India, Courses, Admission, News - Education Frog - 0 views

    Distance education courses or distance learning courses of Shobhit University has been designed to focus on the pedagogy, technology, and sound educational environment to provide quality d-learning education to students whether they are away from campus.

Unexpected Challenges in Nursing Studies - 2 views

Great question! It's vital to strike a balance. Platforms like aren't there to do the work for you but to guide and assist you. I use such resources to structure my work...

Peter Efland

35 Tools For Teachers, Tutors and Students ( Mashable .com) - 0 views

    Here you'll find resources for learning management systems, social networking communities for students and teachers, tutoring services and more.

Cat DNA Test - 0 views

    Wooh! Cat DNA Test! Dna tests are no longer only for hoomans and dogs. The fun I had trying to swab my cats cheek as well as the look of betrayal she gave me after the deed was done made this purchase well worth it. The kit was easy to complete then mail in and the report was sent within the expected timeframe. The report indicates the breed your cat may be as well as the traits asociated with the breeds. Overall it was a fun experience to learn my cat was indeed a cat after she was identified as a domestic goat thru the iNaturalist ios app.
Mike miller

Distance Education India, Courses, Admission, News - Education Frog - 0 views

    IGNOU provides B.Ed programme under its School of Education (SOE); However, IGNOU takes admission into its Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) course every year usually in the month of August through an entrance exam/test. Thousands of Applicants appear in IGNOU B.Ed Entrance Exam/Test that is held in different Regional study centers of university.
Brenda yarmark

Get Flexible Instant Payday Loans In Edmonton On The Same Day Process - 0 views

    When you are in short term cash crunches or require easy money which can reflect to your unwanted cash crunches. So, that here is your instant payday loans Edmonton to tackle with entire financial woes without any hassle of collateral pledging.
Violeta Cautin

Naketa's Blog: Getting started with FOC08 - 0 views

  • Besides there's a lot to be said about modelling use of emerging technology for educational purposes I think - and in this case we're not just talking about it, we're using it to facilitate our own learning. I think that's brilliant!
    • Violeta Cautin
      That's what I like of this course also!
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