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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Illya Arnet

Illya Arnet

Webbed Feat: Organized Communication through Blogs - 0 views

  • I don't think we could survive without the Google Group as a way to connect and support one another, through the orientation at least. However, there are no organized forum/email discussions. Do the blogs replace that completely? If so, where is the facilitation?
    • Illya Arnet
      Good point. The google group provides focus of discussion and through the people invovled in discussion, one can go off to the according blogs and delve even further.
Illya Arnet

Effective Online Facilitation - 0 views

  • Online teaching is moving from an emphasis on web content to a more interactive structure that recognises the social and interactive elements of knowledge construction, and to pedagogical approaches that enable student-centred (e.g. problem-based, inquiry-based, discovery, and authentic learning) which are found to be extremely effective for online learning
  • Effective online facilitation should engage, guide and motivate learners, and provide a safe and conducive environment for learning and communication exchange for all learners regardless of their prior experience and predisposition or otherwise towards online learning technologies.
  • it requires special skills by the facilitator to progress conversations from trivial surface level discussion and social exchange to deeper level engagement
Illya Arnet

Futurelab - Resources - Publications, reports & articles - Web articles - Working with ... - 0 views

  • One behaviour in online groups that has been extensively studied is that of the non-participating members, termed the ‘lurkers’ - Etienne Wenger[2] calls them Legitimate Peripheral Participants. Lurkers are widely known to be among the majority of defined members and they have been found to make up over 90% of most online groups. They are perhaps the most important members in view of their potential to contribute to online groups.
    • Illya Arnet
      Are lurkers also part of the community or are they standers-by? IF they become part of the ocmmunity only after participating, after what amount of activity would they then be considered part of the community? If they ARE part of the community, what distinguishes them from mere interested on-lookers?
  • online learning communities are grown, not built online learning communities need leaders personal narrative is vital to online learning communities.
  • all you need is love control the environment, not the group lead by example let lurkers lurk
wayne anderson

FOC 08 Supplemental Bookmarks - 47 views

started by wayne anderson on 30 Jul 08 no follow-up yet
  • Illya Arnet
    HI Wayne
    I don't think there's any kind of jumping the gun here. IMHO the more we share the better, so thanks for sharing!

    wayne anderson wrote:
    > I added a few bookmarks that I feel relate to this course. I'm not trying to "jump the gun" or start a discussion which is planned for later in the course. I just wanted to share some quality resources.
Illya Arnet

Teaching and Teching - 0 views

  • At its core it is a personal community constructed by the individual. It is often thought online communities cross boundaries, however boundaries as constructed by the individual still exist.
    • Illya Arnet
      This has a lot to do with the way we have up until now experienced learning, lcommunication and life in general. We were raised to think linear, but online we move in circles, rippling out beyond outside our visual periferies.
Illya Arnet

O'Reilly Network -- Building Online Communities - 0 views

  • This attracts people who enjoy the company of like-minded individuals and seek the social rewards of participating in a healthy peer group
    Looks like what we have in FOC08! I think many people were attracted by others. THis was my case, I was informed by a friend in one of my communities and mentioned it to others in another, the result being several more faces (or blogs) added to the course.
Illya Arnet

YouTube - Google Reader - Rss Feed Reader - 0 views

    This one describes Google reader
    As we are discussing the different RSS readers, I thought I'd bookmark the ones Marie mentioned in one of the posts
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