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Gabriela Sellart

Webbed Feat: Organized Communication through Blogs - 0 views

  • I don't think we could survive without the Google Group as a way to connect and support one another, through the orientation at least. However, there are no organized forum/email discussions. Do the blogs replace that completely? If so, where is the facilitation?
    • Illya Arnet
      Good point. The google group provides focus of discussion and through the people invovled in discussion, one can go off to the according blogs and delve even further.
    • Gabriela Sellart
      I had been thinking about the preassure from participants on facilitators to act as a teacher. (more guidance, etc). I don't know why, but reading this made me think about how a facilitator may feel about the little control they have over participants contributions. Teachers are used to exercising control.
Shane Roberts

To facilitate or to teach « Learn Online - 7 views

  • find the answers more quickly and efficiently
  • Ultimately they are unprepared for the facilitated and individually responsible and self motivated learning environment I try to encourage
    • Shane Roberts
      yet teachers are most likely to be responsible for independent research and learning. In my experience
  • The teach and instruct methods are a safe bet.
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  • My view is that probably too much is expected of learners that are new to a participatory approach to learning. They need time to get to a decent level of understanding of the subject matter and to a new way of learning.
    • Gabriela Sellart
      this is important.
Illya Arnet

Effective Online Facilitation - 0 views

  • Online teaching is moving from an emphasis on web content to a more interactive structure that recognises the social and interactive elements of knowledge construction, and to pedagogical approaches that enable student-centred (e.g. problem-based, inquiry-based, discovery, and authentic learning) which are found to be extremely effective for online learning
  • Effective online facilitation should engage, guide and motivate learners, and provide a safe and conducive environment for learning and communication exchange for all learners regardless of their prior experience and predisposition or otherwise towards online learning technologies.
  • it requires special skills by the facilitator to progress conversations from trivial surface level discussion and social exchange to deeper level engagement
Gabriela Sellart

Facilitating online communities - WikiEducator - 0 views

    This course has been developed by staff in the Educational Development Centre of Otago Polytechnic and is designed to help both formal and informal learners access and interpret models, research and professional dialog in the facilitation of online communities.
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