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Apple (Canada) - iOS 7 - Siri - 0 views

    i chose to talk about Siri because i think Siri is a very useful tool. Siri helps me personally and makes not just me but my parent's lives easier to, for example when my parents are driving and the law is you can't use your phone and drive at the same time, Siri helps making a phone call with no hands. Siri also helps you get information more easily, all you have to do is tell Siri what you need and it will search and find the info for you. i also think Siri is good because you can take notes and save contacts more easily for example you tell Siri to make a note it will record what you say and add it to to your notes. This is why i think Siri is a great creation and it makes peoples lives way easier.
Johnny Rob Ford

Microsoft's Cortana Could Combine the Best Parts of Siri and Google Now - 1 views

    In response to Google Now and Apple's Siri, Microsoft has announced its own voice-control companion for Windows Phone. Cortana will be available in the release of the next update. I found this interesting being a Windows Phone user and a fan of the Halo series. Cortana appears as Master Chief's A.I. companion in the series and will now be a companion to any windows phone user as well. I think this is really helpful to what the phone can do because right now voice control can only do a limited amount of tasks, such as open an app, make a note, or text someone. With this next update I will be able to perform tasks similar to what Siri can do, as well as feel a heightened sense of joy every time i talk to Cortana. It's like having Super Mario or Thomas the Tank as a personal companion.
Gianfranco Carlascio

This Siri Smartwatch Could Change Everything - 1 views

    Apple is heading towards making a smart IWatch. Federico Ciccarese has developed a wearable device called the "ISiri Smartwatch" which is connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth. The ISiri Smart watch is connected to a wristband or ear buds and users can get the same experience as if they were using an iphone. This can be used for anything!  including directions to scores for a hockey game or what time your movie starts. This could be a huge game changer in the electronic industries because yo no longer need apps or even a phone to access directions or scores. Downsides might be that although it is great concept you will need some sort of data plan for this to work.
Malaika Thompson

Google's Plan To Compete With Apple's Multi-Platform Siri? Google "Assistant" | TechCrunch - 0 views

    This article is about google coming out with their own version of an app like siri called Google "assistant". I'm sure many companies are trying to find a way to compete with apple. Siri was just the next big thing that helped apple stay on top. Now companies like google are trying to compete and bring out their own version of this most loved app. Google says that unlike  siri, this app is more about accomplishing real-life goals, and less about returning search results. Google says 2012 is the year of "assistant".
Daniela Gaudio

Siri Might Be Speaking Three New Languages by March - 0 views

    Siri is very useful to those who want to find an answer easily, or want something done quickly, Siri is able to do just that. Apple is now introducing advanced technology as is currently in progress of having more languages spoken. This technology is so advanced that now those who do not speak English very well, or can't speak it at all now might be able to have that option that they can talk to Siri in their own language without discomfort. I find this to be very fair and open to all those around the world and Apple is doing an excellent job at expanding their cultural impact. 
Serena Zaccagnini

Siri Gives Apple a Two-Year Advantage Over Google, Says VC - 0 views

    Siri may have given Apple the boost they needed to remain on top and above Google. They may have given themselves at least a two-year advantage over Google in the on-going battle for the best smartphone platform. Siri crossed the threshold of being able to directly communicate with your device, and it is huge. Google has a program called Voice Actions, but Siri really understands what you mean. And it's personable. For example, it responds to "I love you, Siri," with "I love you too." Why shouldn't Apple be on top? They have cracked a code that Google has yet too, and the technology for this will haunt the people at Google's nightmares for the next long while.
Serena Zaccagnini

Siri shows up on an iPod Touch, no longer plays favorites in the iOS family -- Engadget - 0 views

    By Jove, they've done it. Two young and, shall we say, upcoming hackers managed to put Siri on the iPod Touch. It doesn't  exactly work right - due to Apple's server restrictions, Siri is silent, but they're almost there. Right?
Serena Zaccagnini

Siri Comes to the iPad...Sort Of - 0 views

    Siri is so well known on the new iPhone 4s, maybe it should come to the iPad. And it has...kind of. A week after Siri was made to run on the iPhone 4, some progress was made in getting Siri to also operate on the iPad 1. However, be aware that it will not work exactly the same. It will operate on any jail-broken iPhone 4 and iPad 1 devices, remember that it is made to work on an iPhone 4s, so it will not function properly if it is used on anything BUT the iPhone 4s. Apple is limiting Siri's hardware specifically to the iPhone 4s, so they can control how well Siri can grow, and so it can support everyone on it for sure. I think that they should lift the restrictions, that way more people can have access to their latest achievement, and the world can move forward in technology.
Matthew Tam

Iris Is (Sort Of) Siri For Android | TechCrunch - 0 views

    Voice control has been part of Android smartphone's since "the dawn of time," and then the superior Siri came along and the android voice control is becoming history.  However, an industrious team of folks from, led by Narayan Babu, built a Siri-alike in just 8 hours during a hackathon, namely Iris[Siri backwards]) Iral allows you to search various subjects ranging from conversations to art. 
    "You can ask it "What is a fish?" and it will reply with a paragraph from Wikipedia focusing on our finned friends." Although initially created as a humorous idea, the application' worth was starting to show while they were designing it and the app itself will be available to the Android Market. 
codrin gherghel

Why So Siri-ous? | TechCrunch - 0 views

    in the past few days since the unveiling of the iPhone 4S everyone seems to be talking about 1 thing. Siri. An apparently "old" voice recognition technology. of course all the trolls will be yelling old and this is copied, but infact apple has done an amazing job because it is so easy to use, and it is integrated in the iOS very well.
Serena Zaccagnini

iPhone 4S Siri Review - 0 views

    Huzzah! Siri has been released!'s "still a work in progress," as Mashable puts it. Siri is now on all iPhone 4S 's and it's very convenient. But, it's still in the works - sometimes it doesn't respond, or get exactly what you want it to. But I suppose, what can you expect when there's still more work to do. Apple is assuring that it will be continuously improved. It is clever, you have to admit. The future looks good, as long as they can upgrade and improve Siri as well as possible.
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