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Robbyn Purcell

12 Simple Ways to Reduce Food Waste - 0 views

    There are mulitple ways that everyone impacts food that gets wasted that can easily be eaten or at least saved for a later date. However the steps that we can all take on order to help reduce the amount of food wasted is broken down into 12 easy steps. The simplest things we over look in our everyday lives can make the biggest difference for future generations to come.
Luis Gomez

Inetec British company - 0 views

    In the U.K. there are working on new techniques on what to do with our food waste. They are engineering new methods on how to convert food waste into reusable energy.
kacie r

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse - 0 views

    Yes this is a site intended for the younger aged kids, but i liked it because it broke things down and explained where i was able to easily understand it, just straight to the point with explanations and definitions. Has silly games to help us better understand, and helpful links with great information.
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