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patricia kelly

Sustainable Livestock Husbandry - 0 views

    Learn how sustainable farms raise healthy animals using practices that benefit the environment and bolster local economies.
    Like that it is talking about feeding animal the food that they normally would eat and they are grass feed making it more beneficial for the animal and the taste of what the animals are going to be used for better and more nutritious.
    This is an interesting article to learn what is behind our meat. It is great that they are actually fed what they normally would, and that they don't deprive them of that.
Kelsey Martell

Food Waste in the U.S.: More Energy Lost Than Offshore Drilling Can Replace - 0 views

    All the waste that has been going on only means that more energy is lost in the form of food than is stored in all the nation's offshore oil and gas reserves. Food waste isn't just harmful to our environment but we're also buring more energy than we can produce.
Misty Endicott

How the U.S. manages to waste $165 billion in food each year - 0 views

    Food waste doesn't just occur by someone simply throwing it out. Food waste happens before it even hits our dinner table. This article discusses the consumption of different foods and the waste.
    This article breaks down how America waste food. it gives food waste statistics in America. Its Jonathan Bloom's American Wasteland in an article.

Eye opening statistics on food waste | Guy Goes Green - 0 views

    Regarding food waste. The average american throws away 25% of food we prepare and we waste 96 billion pound of food a year. we produce twice as much food as need per person which ends up costs the our county 1 billion dollars in food diposal. ****account for the largest human related source of methane which is a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. food statistics**** the average houshold of 4 wastes around 590.00 a year in food waste by throughing it out
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