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michael campanaro

Feeling green guilt? Food waste is likely responsible - - 0 views

    the fifth annual survey polled almost 1100 americans and found out that consumers also felt guilty about leaving the lights on when leaving a room and wasting water. But no one really thinks about wasting rations or food. Food costs more than electric does each month and no one really pays attention to it.
Taylor Burkhart

Daily amount of food waste in America enough to fill a football stadium - 1 views

    This article expressly greatly on our food waste, its also think with the author of "American wasteland", which we are familiar with. U.S economy continues its downward spiral, and this article tells us a little on that.
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    American Wasteland, a book written by Jonathan Bloom talks about the statistics of the food waste in America. This artice in particular gives us the option to look into even more statistics of how severe the food waste in America has become today. These numbers keep gradually increasing sending our whole stability on Earth out of line. The more food we waste the more food we expect to grow. However the harsh conditions we expect Earth to withstand are apalling; Not only the soil but the atmophere are at risk of causing serious damages to the future of life as we know it
    The ridiculous amount of food that is carelessly wasted.
    Daily amount of food waste in America enough to fill a football stadium
    This article gives a clear picture of just how much food we waste a day. It talks about how Americans fill a football stadium each day with the amount of food we waste and how that negatively effects the environment. It also touches on how we are a society that went from having many farmers and a greater appreciation for the work that went into growing the food to not knowing or caring where it came from and how much we waste.
    Jonathan Benson states that there is enough food waste in America to fill a football stadium and has been increasing over the years. He also talks about the cause of all the food being wasted in America and gives supported reasons.
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