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Erick Alderete

A War Against Food Waste - - 0 views

    This article is mainly talking about a change that a food industry alliance is trying to do with grocery manufactures associations. They have started trying to find local restaurants, stores, and food processors to cut those transport times and extend the life shelves of produce. This committee has begun the research step to try and help America with food waste and taking their first steps.
    this article talks about a solution that is in the making that will reduce food waste.
Blake Damron-Gurule

How to wage war on food waste - 0 views

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that Americans waste 30 percent of all edible food produced, bought, and sold in this country, although it acknowledges that this figure is probably low.Part of the problem is the heterogeneous nature of food waste -there is no single culprit, just many diffuse sources that add up to a slow and steady bleed on the economy and the environment. This site tells us what we already know, just some random helpful information in there that is fun and good to know.
    Everyone is responsible for food being wasted the biggest contributors being cafeteria's, restaurants, and grocery stores. The first steps to wage war on food waste are to buy conservatively and make just enough instead of to much. Also to embrace the three R's reduce, reuse, and recycle.
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