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Infogreen Global

Researchers discover a way to simultaneously desalinate water, produce hydrog... - 4 views

    A recent study by Logan group at Penn State University also demonstrated similar findings in that the energy contained in hydrogen gas not only can offset the energy used for the desalination process but has surplus that can be used for downstream processing.
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    Great catch. But if it sounds too good to be true ... Probably the technology will be horribly expensive.
    Several years ago even the mobile phones were very expensive, not to mention computers and airplane flights.
    The example of mobile phones is of little relevance here, because cost reduction is driven by the scaling laws of microelectronics. However, the reducing cost of flights - in a way the ultimate energy application - offer a good benchmark. What will happen to flights though if commodity and energy prices go up in the long run?
Hans De Keulenaer

Advances in Electrochemical Capacitors Create New Opportunities for Water Desalination - 0 views

  • Existing technologies for hard, brackish and sea water desalination are highly energy consuming even in the case of the best available technology nowadays, Reverse Osmosis. In addition to this problem, the construction of desalination plants requires intensive capital expenditures.
Jeff Johnson

A New Day for Desalination? - Environment and Energy - 0 views

    One of the most common questions in the realm of water security is, what are the main barriers to dramatically expanding desalination? It seems to offer an essentially unlimited supply of water, and it's practiced on a large scale in other parts of the world, so why not here?
Colin Bennett

Cleantech Blog: There's water in dem dar clouds! - 0 views

  • Perth Australia has now established one of the largest desalination plants outside of the Middle East and set up a wind farm to power it.
Colin Bennett

Power with a purpose: Solar energy for water treatment - 2 views

  • The world needs to find ways of cleaning, desalinating and distributing water to its citizens. And it is an area for which the use of renewable energy seems particularly apt. However, to talk of renewable generation as a single entity is misleading. Wind and solar power — the most likely candidates for water treatment in non-coastal areas — are very different beasts. Even within the category of solar power there are myriad technologies. And each one has distinct properties that affect where and how it can best be deployed.
Hans De Keulenaer

Low-cost Solar Thermal Plants at Heart of Algerian-German Research Push - 0 views

  • Electricity from solar thermal plants could cost as little as €0.04/kilowatt hour (kWh) [US $0.06/kWh] by 2015 to 2020, Bernhard Milow from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) said. And using solar thermal power to desalinate seawater could cost the same.
Phil Slade

L'île d'El Hierro (11000 habitants) autonome en énergie grâce au couple hydro... - 0 views

    ""Wind and water: the perfect synergy" - With great ascents and high wind energy potential (Trade Winds), El Hierro proves to be a very suitable place for the implementation of a Wind-Hydro power station; it is also the first Wind-Hydro power station that will be providing close to 80% of the electricity demand of a totally isolated area. The major advantage of such a combination is that the system can overcome the usual problems of discontinuity and power fluctuation caused by the intermittent characteristic of the wind resource. When the energy produced by the wind farm exceeds the demand, the surplus is used to pump desalinated water in a reservoir situated 700 m above sea level."
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