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adolfo castillo

Marcadores sociales - 14 views

    Marcadores Sociales

The Social Media Bubble - Umair Haque - Harvard Business Review - 0 views

  • I'd like to advance a hypothesis: Despite all the excitement surrounding social media, the Internet isn't connecting us as much as we think it is. It's largely home to weak, artificial connections, what I call thin relationships.
  • Call it relationship inflation. Nominally, you have a lot more relationships — but in reality, few, if any, are actually valuable.
  • Thin relationships are the illusion of real relationships. Real relationships are patterns of mutual investment. I invest in you, you invest in me. Parents, kids, spouses — all are multiple digit investments, of time, money, knowledge, and attention. The "relationships" at the heart of the social bubble aren't real because they're not marked by mutual investment .
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  • Exclusion. Hate happens, at least in part, because of homophily: birds of a feather flock together. The result is that people self-organize into groups of like for like. But rarely are the gaps between differences bridged. Yet, that's where the most valuable relationships begin. To be "friends" with 1000 people who are also obsessed with vintage 1960s glasses isn't friendship — it's just a single, solitary shared interest.
  • "Friends" like that are a commodity — not a valuable, unique good.
  • The social isn't about beauty contests and popularity contests. They're a distortion, a caricature of the real thing. It's about trust, connection, and community.
    articulo que presenta la hipotesis de una "inflación de relaciones" en internet, encubriendo las relaciones debiles que en su mayoría promueve. Lo social, las relaciones, los amigos requieren inversion mutua, compromiso y no simplemente contactos ocasionales interesados.
Pablo Romero

35 Great Social Media Infographics | pamorama - 0 views

    Algunas Infografias sobre social media
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