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Vicki Davis

JISC Repository Aggregator - Netvibes Universe - 0 views

    Take a look at the widgets universe created by the Repositories support project -- you can see the widgets that they have and information. Some of these are particularly interesting -- I recommend taking a look if you are a researcher or grant write as some of these look like something you'll like.
    More widgets - demonstrated here on netvibes.
Vicki Davis

Building your pLN has never been easier - 0 views

  • This website is designed to show you how to use widgets / gadgets / plugins in your work to get access to information quickly and effectively.
    Building a PLN has just gotten easier.
    Organizations are starting to get things together to create widgets to help academicians, authors, and others to build a very powerful PLN (personal learning network) with their igoogle or netvibes. They seem to prefer Netvibes for a couple of reasons - and I maintain an account on both, although I startup on igoogle.

    There are Bespoke repository service widgets and repository information widgets. They even have a page to see what these widgets do (also in this post.)

    Every modern student (and professor and teacher) should understand how to build a PLN.
Ginger Lewman

Facing History and Ourselves - Frequently Asked Questions and Information - 0 views

    Shared by Lynn Howard, TN
Dave Truss

Ideas and Thoughts from an EdTech » Blog Archive » Disrupting Professional De... - 0 views

    I'd encourage you to plan your own local events. Use the essential questions at the bottom of each presentation to guide you. If you have something in the works or just want to flesh out the ideas some more, leave a comment.
Dave Truss

Google Watch - Gmail - Google Now Lets You Text Message from Gmail - 0 views

    I simply entered his 10-digit area code and phone number in the chat window, and it offered me the option to send an SMS.
Dean Mantz

Ask500 - Public Opinion Polls for the World - 0 views

    Thanks to Tammy Worcester for sharing this voting/poll site. As people respond to the questions, the Google map identifies their location.
Ginger Lewman

Early College High School Initiative - 0 views

    starting high-ability kids into college early with dual enrollment
Caroline Bucky-Beaver

Footprints in the Digital Age - 0 views

  • It's a consequence of the new Web 2.0 world that these digital footprints—the online portfolios of who we are, what we do, and by association, what we know—are becoming increasingly woven into the fabric of almost every aspect of our lives.
  • A recent National School Boards Association survey (2007) announced that upward of 80 percent of young people who are online are networking and that 70 percent of them are regularly discussing education-related topics.
  • By and large, they do all this creating, publishing, and learning on their own, outside school, because when they enter the classroom, they typically "turn off the lights" (Prensky, 2008).
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • This may be the first large technological shift in history that's being driven by children.
  • The new literacy means being able to function in and leverage the potential of easy-to-create, collaborative, transparent online groups and networks, which represent a "tectonic shift" in the way we need to think about the world and our place in it (Shirky, 2008). This shift requires us to create engaged learners, not simply knowers, and to reconsider the roles of schools and educators.
  • Publishing content online not only begins the process of becoming "Googleable," it also makes us findable by others who share our passions or interests.
  • Although many students are used to sharing content online, they need to learn how to share within the context of network building. They need to know that publishing has a nobler goal than just readership—and that's engagement.
  • These new realities demand that we prepare students to be educated, sophisticated owners of online spaces.
  • More than ever before, students have the potential to own their own learning—and we have to help them seize that potential. We must help them learn how to identify their passions; build connections to others who share those passions; and communicate, collaborate, and work collectively with these networks.
    • Get Started!

      Here are five ideas that will help you begin building your own personal learning network.

      1. Read blogs related to your passion. Search out topics of interest at and see who shares those interests.
      2. Participate. If you find bloggers out there who are writing interesting and relevant posts, share your reflections and experiences by commenting on their posts.
      3. Use your real name. It's a requisite step to be Googled well. Be prudent, of course, about divulging any personal information that puts you at risk, and guide students in how they can do the same.
      4. Start a Facebook page. Educators need to understand the potential of social networking for themselves.
      5. Explore Twitter (, a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables users to exchange short updates of 140 characters or fewer. It may not look like much at first glance, but with Twitter, the network can be at your fingertips.
    Very interesting article regarding our need as educators to teach students how to build their own PLNs. Teachers need to lead by example. He gives quick tips in the end on how to establish a PLN.
Vicki Davis

Half an Hour: Things You Really Need to Learn - 0 views

    A list from Stephen Downes that I hadn't seen entitled "things You really need to learn." A great list to share and reread.
Fred Delventhal

atomkeep - your profile everywhere - 0 views

    It doesn't matter how many accounts or profiles that you have. Atomkeep is the only place that you need to keep them in sync. We don't force other sites to partner with us, although, we would appreciate any partnership opportunities. All we do is making your life easier. Atomkeep is completely user oriented product.
Vicki Davis

Home « NotK12Online - 0 views

    Those who want to share a presentation they've done with the K12 online community, share at the K12 online fringe festival just starting up at notk12online -- ANYONE can submit a preso on ANYTHING. So, dust off those slideshares and vids and start sharing!
Vicki Davis

Dangerously Irrelevant: Edublogger letters to the next President - 0 views

    Edublogger letters to the next president started by Scott McLeod - I'll get to this, but want to share it for everyone who wants to share.
Maggie Verster

Integrating Video Production into Curriculum and Classroom Activities - 0 views

    Integrating Video Production into Curriculum and Classroom Activities A live webinar
Dennis Richards

Global Network Initiative - 0 views

    Protecting and Advancing Freedom of Expression and Privacy in Information and Communications Technologies
Pat Hensley

YouTube - International Society for Technology in Education -- ISTE Second Life - 0 views

    Introduction to Second Life
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