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Kathy Blades

i am lodge - 0 views

shared by Kathy Blades on 08 Oct 08 - Cached
peneli m

U.S. official says online drug videos threaten teens | Reuters - 0 views

  • The director of the White House war on drugs said on Monday that Internet videos that show people getting high pose a dangerous threat to teenagers by encouraging them to use drugs and alcohol.
    • Vicki Davis
      It would be ineresting to see a STUDY on this. While I agree it is not good for kids to see -- we also need to see correlation before we jump into things.

      I still think that a rating system for youtube and online videos is needed to aid in filtering for age appropriateness.
    • peneli m
      Unfortunately very few political decisions (and this kind of thing is always political) are made basd on data or research.
  • "Parents would be horrified to think that people are sneaking into their house to encourage their kids to build a bong or to chug on beer at age 13," Walters said.

    "The fact is those people are sneaking into your house through your Internet connection on your computer," he said.

    • peneli m
      Responsible, internet-aware parenting is necessary--you wouldn't let a stranger in your house to talk to your kids, so why are you letting them view these videos?
Vicki Davis

Record by phone with - 0 views

    A website where some language teachers are allowing their students to record language lessons. This is also great for podcasting
    for group conference podcasting
    Dr. Shephard uses this for her phd class to record reflections -- she says it is easier than grading papers. Great for a field trip.
Pat Hensley

Shake, Rattle and Slide - University of Illinois Extension - 0 views

    The work of Earthquakes, volcanoes and glaciers
Clif Mims

ignitePhilly - 0 views

    If you had five minutes on stage what would you say? What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds? Around the world geeks have been putting together Ignite nights to show their answers...
Ben W

Ten things you don't know about the Earth | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine - 0 views

    Interesting bits about the Earth explained in an easy to read fashion
Kevin Jarrett

Store and share documents online with Office Live Workspace - 0 views

shared by Kevin Jarrett on 07 Oct 08 - Cached
    Alternative to Google Docs? Hmmmmmm....
Dean Mantz

Text 2 Mind Map - The text-to-mind-map converter - 0 views

    Create a mindmap from an outline.
    Convert text to a graphical organized mindmap.
Vicki Davis

Google RISE Awards - 0 views

    Google RISe awards is a grant program -- Supports program that advance STEM and computer science. Non profit, computer science facutly, staff and students. There are a lot of opportunities here. Good luck! Due December 1st, 2008.
    Excellent grant opportunity from Google.
Ben W

Log Height -xkcd - 0 views

    A cartoon done in log scale moving from the surface of the Earth out to the furthest reaches of the cosmos. Includes several chuckles along the way.
Dennis Richards

ClassroomBraids » home - 0 views

    Braids around the Globe
    Main theme - Global Travel

    * to become familiar with different locations / cultures around the world
    * to participate in the Vendee Globe trip (see below)
    * to follow-up by creating our own Global Adventure

    Dubbed "the Everest of Yacht Racing", the Vendee Globe is the ultimate in single-handed endurance: around the world, single-handed, non-stop with no assistance from shore.
    The Vendee Globe spans 25,000 miles, ~100 days, France to France, leaving Antarctica to starboard, starting in November 2008.
    Rich Wilson is the ONLY American registered for the 2008 Vendee Globe.
    The first race was held in 1989-90, and has been run every four years since the 1992-93 event.
    Two sailors have been lost at sea since the race began in 1989, and others have been dramatically rescued.
Jeremy Davis

For Elementary Students - 1 views

    Great resources for elementary students
Mike Sansone

ConverStations: My Take on 'Teachers Talk About Social Media..." Series - 0 views

    My answer to Dan's questions (previously posted), though from a K-12 viewpoint.
Dave Truss

Angela Maiers Educational Services: Are you a 21st Century Teacher?...Really? - 0 views

    Lots of good comments to check out.
    ...think about the following:

    * Who's in my neighborhood? local? global?
    * What are my best attributes as a 21st Century teacher?
    * Is technology one of these attributes? If not, how can it be?
    * What support/resources would it take?
Dave Truss

Think before you jump! « Effective Digital Classrooms - 0 views

    The best 'how to get started' post I've seen in a while!
    A few people have asked me about 'where do people start' in re-thinking their use of ICT in the classroom.
Dave Truss

edublogs: UK Government Research: Web 2.0 does improve learning - 0 views

    New research from Scotland and the UK Government shows that Web 2.0 and gaming can and do make a difference to educational attainment and student experience.
Dave Truss

phaedrus » Blog Archive » Learning in Public - 0 views

    kids are learning by producing videos.
Dave Truss

Dangerously Irrelevant: Slide - The people in charge - 0 views

    "The people in charge of leading school organizations into the 21st century... often are the least knowledgeable about the 21st century.
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