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Suzie Nestico

Google Plus Tips & Shortcuts - 11 views

  • According to Picasa, If you’ve signed up for Google+ photos up to 2048 x 2048 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes won’t count towards your free storage. (hat tip to Greg Grothaus)
  • To add people who have added you to their circles, but you haven’t add them, go to the “People who’ve added you” tab and select “Not yet in circles” from the sort menu.  All the people not in your circles will be listed first (hat tip to Owen Prater)
  • Right click on a circle and select “View circle in tab”. This is a terrific way to see who’s in a circle and allows you to do neat things like drag all the people inside it to another circle.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • If you have a lot of Circles and/or a lot of people in your various Circles views (e.g. “People in your circles”, “People who’ve added you”, etc.”), Mac users can use the pinch functionality to make the Circles section smaller so you can view all of your Circles.
  • Order of Circles in Left-Hand Nav: Default Circles appear first in this order – Friends, Family, Following, and Acquaintances. Then your personal circles are arranged alphabetically. You can rename any of the circles, including the default ones, and renaming a default one makes it part of the normal alphabetized list. Put an underscore in front of one that you want at the top of the list. You could also delete the default circles and start over in the order that you want.(hat tip to Donna Fontenont and Joe Hall)
    List of links and shortcuts for working/playing with the various functions and features of Google+
Martin Burrett

Metacognition & the Growth Mindset by Rebecca Tusingham - 3 views

    "Metacognition or 'thinking about thinking', as I like to call it, forms the basis of the Growth Mindset theory. As a society we seem to have moved away from the truth that no matter what your starting point you can always make a huge amount of progress if you apply the right kind of effort over time. Struggle is a natural part of learning, take a shortcut and you don't learn as much; why then do we equate struggle with failure?"
Nelly Cardinale

Type Spanish accents online - 1 views

    Online page to help create spanish accents with the need for keyboard shortcuts
David Wetzel

10 Tips and Tricks for Using the iPod Touch in Classrooms - 9 views

    Tips and tricks for the iPod Touch are needed to assist teachers in making the process easier when using this digital device for teaching and learning. As these digital devices become more widespread in classrooms, the need for more efficient use of these tools is coming to the forefront. This evolutionary course of action is resulting in more efficient and time saving strategies. The purpose of these 10 tips and tricks is to provide teachers, both novice and experienced, with features and applications (apps) designed to make an iPod Touch's functions easier to use. These features and apps offer the ability to customize this device to resolve management issues and integrate efficiently with other digital devices, such as a Mac laptop.
Vicki Davis

List of keyboard shortcuts for Word 2002, Word 2003, and Word 2007 - 0 views

  • Apply List Bullet CTRL+SHIFT+L
  • Create Auto Text ALT+F3
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • Delete Back Word CTRL+BACKSPACE
  • Delete Word CTRL+DELETE
  • Hyperlink CTRL+K
  • Grow Font CTRL+SHIFT+. Grow Font One Point CTRL+]
  • Italic CTRL+I or CTRL+SHIFT+I
  • Paste Format CTRL+SHIFT+V
    Cool page with a lot of neat hotlinks in Microsoft Word. I've highlighted some that I really like.
    Cool website with hotlinks -- great for teachers of Microsoft Word.
David Wetzel

Tips and Tricks for Podcasting - Part 3 - 14 views

    This is third and final installment on "Tips and Tricks for Podcasting" and focuses on GarageBand.
Vicki Davis

TextExpander touch for the iPhone and iPad: Typing Shortcut Utility Saves You Time! - 13 views

    This handy text expander service is moving from the mac to the iPad / itouch. it now has dropbox sync. Here is a list of all the apps that it works with!
Vicki Davis

Do Yourself a Favor: Set Up These Custom Typing Shortcuts on Your iPhone Right Now - 22 views

    If you have an ios5 device, you got text expansion. Lifehacker's guide is a great guide for setting up. I will add this tip. If you are lucky enough to have more than one iOS device, set it up the exact same way on both!
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