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Dave Truss

8 Things to Look For in Today's Classroom - 18 views

    1 Voice 2 Choice 3 Time for Reflection 4 Opportunity for Innovation 5 Critical thinkers 6 Problem solvers/finders 7 Self assessment 8 Connected Learning
Brandi Caldwell

Learning 2.0 : 23 things you can do to become web 2.0 savvy - 0 views

    online learning course for faCULTY PD
Dave Truss

Langwitches Blog » Learning: Then & Now - 11 views

  • creating visuals, I support my own learning and understanding. * Ideas that I am trying to articulate become clearer in my mind * I am able to formulate and recall the connections between thoughts better * The sequence of my train of thought becomes apparent or can be revised better
Claudia Ceraso

ELT notes: Some things I am certain of (for now, this is beta, OK?) - 17 views

  • teaching is worth discussing. Anything else can be found for free on the Internet.
  • Good technology use in the classroom is transparent and intertwined.
  • Motivation is a drug. It is a short-term target.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Better make people "addicted" to learning, to the process, to the autonomy of it. There are intrinsic reasons why this is pleasurable, meaningful and long lasting per se.
  • 7) Mind the use of the word "enhance" when linked to learning. Mind the gap. Old things are just old things.
    • Dave Truss
      Note my comment: "This is such a good point! We do not advance from the early airplanes by sticking to using double winged biplanes or 'enhancing' the propeller engine. If a blog is used to 'enhance' the sharing of homework then the point of a blog is missed."
  • 9) Standards are for things that fit a pattern. When educators claim that creativity is a "21st century" essential skill, we need to accept the limitations of striving for standards. Assessment and standards are cousins.
  • Doubt, question and never, ever just assume.
    • Dave Truss
      This should be a poster to put in classrooms:-)
    • Gabriela Sellart
      Communicating results is becoming more and more frequent.(#4) Doubting out loud doesn't seem to grant you an "expert" degree, which I notice is the aim of many educators who are blogging. Particularly those who write in Spanish.
    • Claudia Ceraso
      The poster in the classroom... Interesting. I would change the phrase to "Remember your teacher also expects to learn lots from you". Few teachers are comfortable doubting in front of their students. Perhaps, with reason ;-)
    So many quotable quotes in this post! Wonderful 'deep' thinking.
Janice Stearns

David Jakes Presentation Resources - 32 views

    A serious look at learning spaces and how the new ways of learning demand a different perspective of learning spaces and what they look like. Very rich.
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