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Suzie Nestico

Twitario - Twitter Diary - See your tweets in a Diary - 9 views

    Twitario allows yo to see your tweets in a book/diary format over a specified period of time. Could be used for students to submit an assignment of tweets they did over a period of time OR to show/use during a presentation of the information contained within a succession of tweets when showing how Twitter works.
Martin Burrett

Turtle Diary - 7 views

    Turtle Diary is a wonderful, must try site packed with a huge collection of online interactive games and activities for young children, including maths and literacy resources.
Vicki Davis

BBC News - Diary of a Ysgol Friars maths teacher in Finland - 4 views

    So, if you want to peek inside Finland, there are 3 videos on this BBC Wales site that will give you what you want. This Diary of a math teacher in Finland gives you a peek. There's also two other great videos "Let teachers teach, say Finns" and "Finland Classroom Success Secrets." You can embed these that I can find, so you'll need to share the links and watch them on the site. These short videos are just under 4 minutes and would be great to share in a staff meeting.
Dennis OConnor

John Quincy Adams, Twitterer? - - 0 views

  • They may be two centuries old, but, written with staccato-like brevity, entries from one of Adams’s diaries resemble tweets sufficiently that they began appearing Wednesday on Twitter.
  • The diary, which Adams maintained until April 1836, is a rarity among the many he kept, in that the description for each day is no more than one line long. Historians believe he used the descriptions as references to longer entries in other journals.
  • Word spread, and the society decided to tweet the entries. They average 110 to 120 characters, below the 140-character limit imposed by Twitter, and there is nary an LOL or BFF among them.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • The posts will link to maps that, using the latitude and longitude coordinates from his entries, pinpoint his progress across the ocean. There will also be links to the longer entries of other Adams diaries, which can be found on the society’s Web site,
  • The idea appears to be working. As of Wednesday evening, only nine hours after the first entry was Twittered, the post had more than 4,800 followers, and Mr. Dibbell said the number was climbing.
    Clever use of social networking tech. The initial take on twitter was that it just broadcast mindless sort personal observations. This use turns that idea around. Interesting way to teach a bit of history. What if we started tweeting Basho & Issa, the great Japanese haiku poets? Hmmm sounds like a fun lit project doesn't it?
Vicki Davis

US teacher is suspended for letting pupils read bestseller | News | Books - 0 views

    Class teacher is suspended for letting her students read freedom writers. I would love to have some opinions from other teachers.
    This teacher was banned from using the freedom writers diary in her classroom and now has been suspended. I don't know all of the facts, however, I have to wonder why the school sent her to a Freedom Writers workshop and then wouldn't let her use the book. I do respect the desire to limit the profanity -- I wish that perhaps there was a explitive-free version of the book to handle this issue, however, it looks like this entire issue was mishandled. It grieves me as more issues like this seem to be happening in schools. I haven't read this book to have my own opinion, but would love to hear from some of you who have.
Nelly Cardinale

Penzu - Write in Private: Free Online Diary and Personal Journal - 14 views

    A free place to journal and keep a dairy.
Ted Sakshaug

BBC - History - World War One Movies - 0 views

    Contemporary photographs, dramatised diary readings and interviews with veterans exploring key themes of World War One.
Julie Lindsay

Computers in Education Group of South Australia - Edublogs - 5 views

    "Edublogs is a blogging tool which is allows students and teachers to create online journals/diaries to share their thoughts and ideas with others. They can include text, audio, images and videos. Blogging allows students to engage in 21st century learning within their classroom and beyond. There are many blogging sites available to use. This page focuses on Edublogs and how it can be used by teachers and students to enhance learning."
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