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Statement of Support for Art Professor Fired from Hamline University - Muslim Public Af... - 0 views

  • Even if it is the case that many Muslims feel uncomfortable with such depictions, Dr. Prater was trying to emphasize a key principle of religious literacy: religions are not monolithic in nature, but rather, internally diverse. This principle should be appreciated in order to combat Islamophobia, which is often premised on flattening out Islam and viewing the Islamic tradition in an essentialist and reductionist manner.
  • In a time of rampant Islamophobia, highly offensive and racialized images of the Prophet Muḥammad abound on the internet and on social media. We consider these images to be inappropriate and not dissimilar to “black face” or Anti-Semitic cartoons; even if such images and their makers are protected by law, social opprobrium is due to them by all those who are reasonable and decent.
  • misusing the label “Islamophobia” has the negative effect of watering down the term and rendering it less effective in calling out actual acts of bigotry.
Ed Webb

Accused of Slapping a Niqab-Wearing Student, Dean of Manouba University Has Trial Postp... - 0 views

  • Faycel Zammi, one of Kazdaghli’s lawyers and a member of the Modern Left party, declared that this case is more serious than the Persepolis trial
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