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C Reed

Easy Street Prompts - 14 views

    Easy Street Prompt story starters from Writers Digest Mag
Caroline Bachmann

Video Writing Prompts - Teach Hub - 11 views

    Video writing prompts for teaching with response questions
Jenny Gilbert

Language Arts Lessons :: Video Writing Prompts: Beauty Before & After - 13 views

    Our view of beauty is distorted - excellent prompt for VO wrting journals
Meredith Stewart

WritingFix - 0 views

    Interactive prompts, lessons, and resources for writing classrooms
Karen LaBonte

365 Pictures Daily Photo Prompts Generated for Your Creative Inspiration! - 11 views

    Daily photograph & writing prompt-- looks interesting.
Tracee Orman

BibMe: Fast & Easy Bibliography Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian - Free - 13 views

    Automatic citation creator. Paste in the website, prompts for the authors first & last name, then creates a pasteable citation for you.
Teresa Ilgunas

NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program - 10 views

    I like the Dare Machine for ideas for journal prompts!
Clifford Baker

Raymond Carver reviewed by James Campbell TLS - 0 views

  • Carver was Hemingway (most of whose fiction is located abroad) transposed to the blue-collar American margins, populated by men and women who seldom think about the world beyond – a land of bad marriages, cramped living rooms, truculent children, and unharnessed addictions of the old-fashioned sort.
  • But what is the real thing? In the original manuscript of “Why Don’t You Dance?”, before Lish’s blue pencil descended, the girl's sympathetic words to the yard sale vendor, “You must be desperate or something”, are not uttered while the pair are dancing. The sentence is adapted from an earlier remark she makes to her boyfriend when they first inspect the items for sale. “They must be desperate or something.” The vendor has yet to make an entrance. It was Lish who changed the words and placed them in her mouth as she “pushed her face into the man’s shoulder”, making it the emotional high point of the narrative.
  • As with other restored or revised texts – in this case, unrevised – the appearance of Beginners prompts some awkward questions. Does the emergence of the “real” stories undermine the reality that the most Carveresque of Carver’s books has had for almost thirty years in the minds of readers? Characters who appear sane turn out to have been mad originally. Characters who smoke didn’t do so in 1980, on their entry into the world. They are the children of Raymond Carver, but their identities were altered by the midwife, Gordon Lish.
Victoria Keech

Creative Writing prompts - 16 views

    As stated in the title! 347 of them!
Mark Smith

Reading and the Web - Texts Without Context - - 14 views

  • We all may read books the way we increasingly read magazines and newspapers: a little bit here, a little bit there.
  • People tweet and text one another during plays and movies, forming judgments before seeing the arc of the entire work.
  • Recent books by respected authors like Malcolm Gladwell (“Outliers”), Susan Faludi (“The Terror Dream”) and Jane Jacobs (“Dark Age Ahead”) rely far more heavily on cherry-picked anecdotes — instead of broader-based evidence and assiduous analysis — than the books that first established their reputations. And online research enables scholars to power-search for nuggets of information that might support their theses, saving them the time of wading through stacks of material that might prove marginal but that might have also prompted them to reconsider or refine their original thinking.
Dennis OConnor - 21 views

  • simple. you’ll see one word at the top of the following screen. you have sixty seconds to write about it. click ‘go’ and the page will load with the cursor in place. don’t think. just write.
    Looks like a fun way to spark journal writing.  Fit's Natalie Goldberg's great advice about first draft writing: Just keep your hand moving!
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