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Mrs. Dawson

Draft No. 4 by John McPhee - 9 views

    A piece published for The New Yorker about the importance of multiple drafts and the editing process. 
Dana Huff

Mr. Palmer Discusses His Fellow Minor Characters « Jane Austen's World - 6 views

    This blog post would be fun to turn into a writing assignment: Have minor characters in a novel your students are studying discuss the other minor characters in the manner of Mr. Palmer.
Leslie Healey

Computer-Generated Articles Are Gaining Traction - - 7 views

    Will be interested to see if therevis a connection between this computer generated text and the myriad of bad info from googled "content farms" that gum up my students' research writing
Dana Huff

Evolving English Teacher: "How to Forge a Jane Austen Manuscript": Teaching Students Au... - 13 views

    Glenda teaches us how to teach students to mimic one of the masters of prose-Jane Austen. Mimicry is often a great writing exercise for students who need to examine style.
Dennis OConnor

Teaching to the Text Message - - 9 views

  • So a few years ago, I started slipping my classes short writing assignments alongside the required papers. Once, I asked them, “Come up with two lines of copy to sell something you’re wearing now on eBay.” The mix of commerce and fashion stirred interest, and despite having 30 students in each class, I could give everyone serious individual attention. For another project, I asked them to describe the essence of the chalkboard in one or two sentences. One student wrote, “A chalkboard is a lot like memory: often jumbled, unorganized and sloppy. Even after it’s erased, there are traces of everything that’s been written on it.”
  • My ideal composition class would include assignments like “Write coherent and original comments for five YouTube videos, quickly telling us why surprised kittens or unconventional wedding dances resonate with millions,” and “Write Amazon reviews, including a bit of summary, insight and analysis, for three canonical works we read this semester (points off for gratuitous modern argot and emoticons).”
    • Leslie Healey
      these comments are more useful than the article--we do a "welcome" every morning from the night's reading. This might freshen up the "welcome" and remind them of its relevance to their lives. Thanks.
  • And short isn’t necessarily a shortcut. When you have only a sentence or two, there’s nowhere to hide.
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  • Rewarding concision first will encourage students to be economical and innovative with language.
Dana Huff

Tutoring Center, Hand Outs - 15 views

    Great tutorial handouts from Bucks County Community College.
Dana Huff - In the Case of the Billion-Dollar ERISA Typo, 7th Circuit Upholds Win for Ver... - 2 views

    This article would be great for teaching the importance of proofreading.
Dana Huff

Letters About Literature and More - Contests - - 12 views

    Annual contest: write a letter to the author of a poem or book that changed your life. Great writing assignment.
ten grrl

Digital Books on the WAC Clearinghouse - 0 views

    Access to digital books addressing writing and speaking across the curriculum.
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