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Kelly Hoang

Picasa - 4 views

Picasa can be used in a childhood setting by teachers, parents, and children. The program can be used to mangage and organize photos and be linked online. The photo albums can showcase the child's ...


started by Kelly Hoang on 03 Mar 09 no follow-up yet
Kelly Hoang

TotSpot | Baby Blog Website, Kids Online Scrapbook, Parent Community - 0 views

    TotSpot integrates many aspects of technology together to create a Facebook-like network for parents and their child. The network is private and accessible to only account holders. Parents create an account then are able to add their children to the account on their own page. Pages can be shared through friend invite. The parents and children can upload pictures, videos, write journals, create developmental charts, and track milestones. Friends on the account can view items and make comments. With families living far apart and technology on the rise, families can keep track of their childrens' progress (even before birth!)
Brittany Waltz

Photo Story 3 - 11 views

    Photos Story 3 is a way to combine photos, voice recordings, music, and writing . Children can bring their favorite stories to life or create their own. By creating photo stories in the class or at home, these stories can be shared to many.
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    With Photo Story 3, students, parents, and teachers can create, share, and connect! Simply start by uploading your digital photos and editing them the way you like. Then add your own personal touches such as special effects, transitions, music, and even your own voice narration! Children will love being able to hear their own voices narrate their stories. After you have created your stories, share them with anyone online, by burning a DVD/CD, or watching them on your TV. This is a great way for students to show their creativity! Just download the program onto your computer.
    Free, easy, creative tool for the user. Upload photos, add captions, your own voice as narrator, transitions. and music. Clear instructions too. What's not to like?
    Photostory is unbelievably user friendly and could be used in any classroom to help a child integrate their outside of school experience inside the classroom. It's a good way to get children to learn about the way that other families live and it brings a sense of community to the classroom when a photostory is shared and everyone knows a little bit more about that individual.
    that is a really great idea. That is amazing. Thanks for sharing
    I actually downloaded this software recently. It was extremely easy to use and fun to play with. I created a couple of slideshows involving my siblings, and shared with my family via the email and they enjoyed it. I like how easy it is to share and how creative you can get with it. I feel that children could use this with some assistance, but they will be thrilled with the end result. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
Kelly Hoang

Crib Picasa - 0 views

    This site actually integrates two techological techniques. Scribd is a website where documents can be shared online. This particular scribd document is about Picasa and how it can be used in the classroom along with resources to learn more about utilizing Picasa.
Cecile Robinson

Picasa - 1 views

    Picasa is a great way to organize photos into timelines and albums either on your computer or online. Picasa can be used to edit photos and add text. Movies, collages, slideshows can be made. Photos and items made from picasa can be used by parents, teachers, and children. Teachers can document the progress and activities throughout the school year. Children can use Picasa for showing off their projects or documenting their own personal progress.
    This is free easy photo sharing and also works for Macs. Parents and children could conceivably use it at home to make illustrated books with captions since there is a caption writing feature.
    Great site where anyone of all ages can upload pictures and create things like photo stories Picasa is free photo editing software from Google that makes your pictures look great.
    Sharing your best photos with friends and family is as easy as pressing a button!
Jocelynn Smrekar

Snapfish - 6 views

Snapfish can be used by anyone to upload pictures into an album to share with friends and family, organize them, create collages, calandars, photo books, cards, etc. It is a great website for teach...

techchildren techeducators techhome photos

Allison Jennings

Photobucket - 0 views

    This website is good for sharing images and videos. This would be a good tool for teachers to use to find photos related to their lesson plans or to upload photos from the classroom so parents could see. I do agree that the website should be reviewed outside of the classroom.
Miranda Hakimi

Moblyng: Slideshows, Slide Shows, Mobile Slideshows, Mobile Slide shows, iPhone Slide s... - 0 views

    This website would be good for use with children in early childhood. Teachers and students could make slideshows.
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