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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Chuck Holland

Chuck Holland

Eight Ways To Build Blended Learning Class Culture | EdSurge News - 59 views

  • the following eight actions have a positive impact on the blended learning culture among our students.
  • 1. Identify Online Learning Behavior You Want To See
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  • 2. Model and Narrate These Behaviors Constantly
  • 3. Celebrate Rock Star Online Learners!
  • 4. Make Students Explain Their Reasoning Online
  • 5. Provide Students With Written Feedback
  • 6. Use Data To Make The Right Connections In Class
  • 7. Provide Support During Online Learning Time
  • 8. Create Activities Tailored To Student Needs
Chuck Holland

Nurturing Collaboration: 5 Strategies | Edutopia - 56 views

    Collaboration Stratigies
Chuck Holland

Pro-Con Issue site - 2 views

shared by Chuck Holland on 12 May 09 - Cached
  • We are an independent, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity. We provide pros and cons on diverse controversial topics with facts and quotations from thousands of experts. Our sites are
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