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Trevor Cunningham

PicView iPad App Lets You Add Voice Tags To Your Pictures - 81 views

    Interesting application for voice responses to visual prompts. ELL applications as well.
Mark Gleeson

Whatever Happened To iBooks?! | Edudemic - 40 views

    Tips on how to use iBooks in your reading program
Trevor Cunningham

iLearn: iPad Roll Out - Four Months Down The Track - 59 views

    Some considerations for an iPad program.
Jamie Menshouse

What We Learned: A 1:1 iPad Reflection | Edutopia - 185 views

  • One of the best decisions our team made last summer was to pre-install Casper (5) profiles on all of our iPads. We pulled the student IDs from our ASPEN (6) student information system, logged each student into Casper and installed the four profiles needed for our plan. The profiles took Safari web browser off the iPad.
  • As we progressed through the year, we discovered that these tools took a lot of time to create something we were trying to move away from in the first place. The reason for moving away from textbooks is that they offer a myopic vision of a world that is ever-changing. Simply viewing a textbook on an iPad does not change or innovate learning, nor does it use the iPad to its full potential. If your plan is to digitize a standard textbook, save your money and renew your textbook licenses.
  • This year we are incorporating K-12 digital portfolios along with revised information and digital literacy standards. Every BPS student will have a Google Apps for Education account that they will use in conjunction with the Blogger (15) application to begin creating their Life of Learning portfolio
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    • Jeppe Egendal
      Digital portfolio og blogger
    • Jeppe Egendal
      Begrundelser for anvendelsen af iPads i undervisningen bevæger sig fra en forestilling om at erstatte tekstbøger til en forestilling om at kunne lærerne kan samarbejde med eleverne i skyen ved hjælp af værktøjer, der automatisk synkroniserer med eleverns iPads
  • The students that make it into help desk are those who not only enjoy working with technology in an educational context, but have a desire to serve, support and possibly solve problems in the school on a daily basis.
  • . Aside from simply troubleshooting, our students help their former teachers at the middle and elementary levels as well as create how-to scripts and videos for students, faculty and the Burlington community. Our students have not only helped within the BPS community, but have helped our Tech Team organize two major conferences in the past year:
    • Jeppe Egendal
      Eleverne hjælper som ressorucepersoner i skolen
  • You can have the most precisely calculated plan in place before you launch, but if you don't have the right support in place, your launch may stumble. I regard our IT department as one of the best I have ever worked with. I say this in all sincerity because I do "work with" this team. These guys not only manage a robust infrastructure, but they take part in the educational conversation and give our staff the best tools to create dynamic, engaging classrooms.
    • Jeppe Egendal
      Teknisk support er en del af løsningen og de skal deltage i den løbende pædagogisk/didaksike debet
  • However, we must work to incorporate information and digital literacy standards into the K-12 curriculum as early as possible. Students in Kindergarten should understand what it means to be nice to someone and how that will translate to writing and living on the Web. As students grow up through the educational pathways, they must be exposed to new and emerging technologies as early as possible in a safe, responsible manner. By doing so, we are preparing them for a global economy that requires these skills.
    • Jamie Menshouse
      Our middle school is adding character education to the arts and humanities curriculum. Teaching students at a young age to be thoughtful and responsible with technology will make it a much better experience inside the classroom.
BalancEd Tech

Fraser Speirs - Blog - Teaching Programming on iOS - 31 views

    • BalancEd Tech
      Who says the iPad can't be used for creating? Interesting approach to programming! (Not the same as the low floor of Scratch, but that's not who this is intended for.)
  • One of the astonishing results of our iPad 1:1 deployment has been the dramatic decline in the use of the Mac. Within less than two years, I am the only teacher still using the Mac on a regular basis. This was never part of the plan and I didn't expect that it would happen so soon. I thought it might happen eventually - perhaps in 3-4 years, certainly after one more refresh of our Mac setup.

    Today, it quite seriously looks like we won't buy more than a handful of Macs again. We’re not cutting our teaching to fit what the iPad can do either - we have never done more with ICT, with better outcomes and deeper learning than we are doing now with iPads in everyone's hands.

Joanna Gerakios

The Top Educational iPad Apps Every Teacher and Student should Know about ( 100+) - 166 views

    apps arranged as they support concepts such as 21st Century Skills, Bloom's taxonomy, Gardner's multiple intelligences, digital learning and more...
N Carroll

The History 2.0 Classroom: Back to School App-pack - 35 views

    Great list of apps to use in the classroom. Categorized by what you want students to do.
Roland Gesthuizen

Transformative iPad Use in Early Elementary School - 162 views

    "Using the iPad beyond a digital worksheet. Examples from the early elementary classroom."
    Great post :-) thanks!
N Carroll

Tips for iPads in Classroom - 189 views

    Great tips for care and use of class sets of iPads
Jonathan Wylie

ClassDojo Training Resources - 114 views

    Handouts, presentations, posters and more.
Mark Gleeson

Transferring files to and from iPad using FileBrowser - 177 views

    Very useful app for transferring files, movies an photos wirelessly to your computer from the iPad 
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