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Nigel Coutts

A pedagogy for Cultural Understanding & Human Empathy - The Learner's Way - 9 views

    How we see ourselves, how we describe ourselves reveals a great deal about how we see 'others'. In May of this year, speaking to the audience of the International Conference on Thinking, Bruno Della Chiesa invited us to consider how we might approach the question of "who we are?". In responding to such a question, what list of affiliations do we invoke to define ourselves?
Simone Petherick

Little Human Planet - YouTube - 39 views

    Video showing different lifestyles and cultures around the world. Excellent for Early Years through
Steven Szalaj

What Machines Can't Do - - 71 views

    An Op-Ed piece by David Brooks that looks at what we can do that computers cannot do very well or at all.  It points to five things that education might seek to develop in our students.
Anthony Santagato

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo - Complete eBook - 118 views

    Victor Hugo's timeless and awe inspiring classic novel.

Speak Truth To Power - 27 views

    Student video competition that encourages New York State MS and HS students to become engaged in human rights.
Gerald Carey

Zygote Body - 183 views

    The open source version of Google Body. Many thanks to Richard Byrne (@rmbyrne on Twitter) for this great find.
Holly Barlaam

Letter to Lucy Contest - 60 views

    Contest to answer the question, "What makes us human and why?" From Contests for several different grade levels.
Ian Jenkinson

Searching the Web - 7 views

    Weblinks on issues of interest to humanities studies.
Gerald Carey

Biodigital human - 211 views

    An alternative to Google Body Browser which apparently is going to be taken offline.

Letting go « Human - 1 views

    If you think you have it tough...
Derrick Grose

Moving beyond "mountains of dead and mulched - 28 views

    Cory Doctorow discusses the future of books and libraries and what appeals to adolescent readers in an age where technology both inhibits and promotes freedom.
Jay Swan

18 Beautiful Infographics About the Human Brain - 42 views

    Counselors, psychologists, doctors, biologists and others know that the human brain is complex and fascinating. Even as we learn more and more about the brain, there are still plenty of mysteries surrounding it. What you do with your brain can have bearing on your salary, your happiness, your fitness and any number of other factors in your life. If you are interested in learning more about the brain, here are 18 beautiful infographics.
Allen Hanberg

The Simulation Generation - 1 views

    Simulation Blog
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