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The Work Buzz | 7 tips for improving email etiquette - 40 views

    ccording to 2009 research from international consulting firm Deloitte, the average office worker sends around 160 emails and checks his or her inbox more than 50 times per day. If practice really made perfect, we'd all be Olympic gold medal-winning emailers by now.

Wellesley College Project on Social Computing: How to E-mail Your Professor - 0 views

    useful tips for students in e-mailing professors, but also useful for people who for in officies, or for employees to supervisors.
Martin Burrett

eEtiquette - 101 Guidelines for the Digital World - 10 views

    Watch your Ps and Qs (and all the other letters on your QWERTY keyboard) with this site dedicated to proper web etiquette. Keep your inner Troll in it's box (or should that be cave?) and help make the internet the happy shiny utopia you know it never will be.
Glenda Baker

Email Etiquette and the Perils of "Reply All" - Ron Ashkenas - Harvard Business Review - 50 views

    vignette and thoughtful ideas about email etiquette and communication (community.) Adults struggle with this stuff at my school - how do we teach kids learn?
Roland Gesthuizen

When is it in the public interest to do something unethical and unprofessiona... - 27 views

  • When is it a matter of legitimate and compelling public interest to do something unethical and unprofessional?
    'Blowing the whistle' on wrongdoing, misconduct or incompetence is usually considered heroic. There have been some celebrated cases in the last couple of years of people who have done it , with mixed success.  Nurses and teachers for example, have found themselves in front of disciplinary panels of their professional bodies for taking hidden cameras in to their workplace and secretly filming their clients - the patients and students they believed were getting a poor deal.
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