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Maureen Greenbaum

How Big Data Is Taking Teachers Out of the Lecturing Business: Scientific American - 0 views

  • David Heckman, a mathematician, was accustomed to lecturing to the class, but he had to take on the role of a roving mentor, responding to raised hands and coaching students when they got stumped
  • Like institutions at every level of American education, it is going through some wrenching changes. The university has lost 50 percent of its state funding over the past five years.
  • alarmingly high numbers of students showing up on campus unprepared to do college-level work.
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  • more efficient way to shepherd students through basic general-education requirements—particularly those courses, such as college math, that disproportionately cause students to drop out
  • That fall, with little debate or warning, it placed 4,700 students into computerized math courses. Last year some 50 instructors coached 7,600 Arizona State students through three entry-level math courses running on Knewton software. By the fall of 2014 ASU aims to adapt six more courses, adding another 19,000 students a year to the adaptive-learning ranks.

The Allure of Evil: Reflections on MLK Day 2011 | text2cloud - 26 views

    What role should the designation "evil" play in our understanding of world events?
Chai Reddy

Arizona Elementary School Will Whiten The Faces Of Its Own Students On A Mural Because ... - 111 views

    This is unbelieveable...unbelieveably bad. In addition to worrying about access and availability amongst other issues in education, this is one that I didn't think we would ever have to worry about.
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