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Gwen Noda

Over-the-Counter Antacids - 0 views


    Over one-half billion dollars are spent on over-the-counter antacids
    every year. An informed consumer will understand how antacids work and
    will read the labels to see what ingredients are present. Based on this
    information and on a knowledge of side effects, the student consumer
    will be able to decide which, if any, antacid to choose.
Gwen Noda

Acids, Bases, and Indicators - 0 views


    This is a multileveled approach to learning some of the common
    characteristics of acidic and basic solutions and use of some of the
    common indicators."
Gwen Noda

Red Cabbage pH Indicator - How to Make Red Cabbage pH Indicator - 0 views

    How to Make Red Cabbage pH Indicator
    By Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D., Guide

    "Red cabbage juice can be used to test the pH of common household chemicals."

    Make your own pH indicator solution! Red cabbage juice contains a natural pH indicator that changes colors according to the acidity of the solution. Red cabbage juice indicator is easy to make, exhibits a wide range of colors, and can be used to make your own pH paper strips (watch the video).
Gwen Noda

Science Friday Archives: Coral in Crisis - 0 views

    "Friday, December 14th, 2007
    Coral in Crisis

    Bleached corals on coral reef on southern Great Barrier Reef in January 2002. Coral bleaching primarily affects reef building corals when conditions get too warm. Image © Science

    The world's coral reefs are in great danger, threatened by climate change and rising carbon dioxide levels. In an article published in the journal Science, researchers provide provide three different scenarios for the fate of reef-building corals worldwide as they face higher concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide and the related ocean acidification that slows coral calcification, the process needed for a reef to grow. Increasing CO2 levels have the potential to greatly shift the chemistry of ocean waters, threatening the existence of most coral species. "
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