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Grammar-Quizzes: Practice on Points of English Grammar (ESL/ELL) - 32 views

shared by shelbyrubottom on 05 Jan 12 - Cached
    " is an open educational resource for understanding, learning and practicing English grammar usage. These materials present simple grammar concepts and are most appropriate for non-native speakers, but also include practices that could be used for K-12 native speakers" (Mission, ¶1, 2012.01.05).
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    **** English grammar: exercises and theory
    This Site helps teachers with grammar lessons and also lets the students study and absorb more vocabulary and grammar words.
    Wow! Great resource. I will learn a lot with this site. Thanks, Shelby!
Jean Potter

Pora Ora : The Online 3D Educational Game for Children - 61 views

    Requires installing special app - free but not available at school most likely.
Paul Beaufait

A Thorny Issue: Teachers' and learners' right to privacy | The official blog of PikiFri... - 18 views

    In this post, PikiFriends suggest: "Schools have always had the responsibility of keeping learners safe. While the current surge of interest in elearning has presented new challenges to these responsibilities, being vigilant and following these safety guidelines can help ensure that all participants are safer and more aware of the various risks" (Conclusion, ¶1, 2011.12.12).

    This post provides Website Safety Guidelines, and lists:

    + important questions for teachers and learners to ask,
    + anti-surveillance plugins for Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers; &
    + news articles about Internet surveillance "in no particular order" (Press articles on internet surveillance issues, ¶1, 2011.12.12).
Phil Taylor

Online bullying: Still way less common than in real life | Safe and Secure - CNET News - 13 views

  • Pew Internet & American Life Project for the Family Online Safety Institute and Cable in the Classroom--concluded that "[m]ost American teens who use social media say that in their experience, people their age are mostly kind to one another on social network sites." Nearly seven in ten (69 percent) of teens said that peers are mostly kind while 20 percent said peers are mostly unkind with 11 percent saying, "it depends."
Paul Beaufait

Cyberbullying Warning Signs - 47 views

    This PDF lists indications that children are involved in cyberbullying, either as victims or instigators.
    © 2009 Cyberbullying Research Center
Paul Beaufait

Latitude and Longitude of a Point - 29 views

    This site enables you to "Get the Latitude and Longitude of a Point" you select on a Google Map, and to "Show [a] Point from Latitude and Longitude" coordinates that you have already.
Paul Beaufait

Create a Google Map from a Spreadsheet | Zadling - 33 views

    This tutorial by Zachary Zawarski explains "how to create a map with custom locations that you can publish on your website" (¶1). "The greatest benefit of this tool is that current entries can be edited and new entries can be added to the map through the Google spreadsheet without having to update the map's code..." (¶2, retrieved 2011.09.07).

    Thanks to Denise Krebs for pointing it out, and demonstrating how to do it in a recorded RSCON3 session (Elluminate recording entitled: Where in the world? Or, adding a directory map using a spreadsheet to your wiki. 

    For more info., please see her blog posts:
Tero Toivanen

eduMOOC: Online Learning Today... and Tomorrow - 19 views

     Massive Open Online Class (MOOC) aiheena "Online Learning Today...and Tomorrow." Kurssi on ilmainen, perustuu avoimille oppimisen resursseille (OER) ja alkaa 27.6.2011
Martin Burrett

Cut mp3 online - - split, trim mp3 tracks - 20 views

shared by Martin Burrett on 22 Jun 11 - Cached
    Free Online MP3 Cutter
    A very simple, but useful site that cuts the length of mp3 tracks.,+Sound+&+Podcasts
Sarah Eaton

Directory of Learning Tools - 38 views

    Over 2,000 tools for learning and working in education and the workplace
Tero Toivanen

"Reboelje!" - Invisible Learning in the Netherlands | Education Futures - 12 views

    The purpose of the Invisible Learning Tour is to raise awareness for the need for innovation in education.
Lisa Thumann

Create a new thread to discuss your topic online. | Mr.Thread | The on-demand board - 30 views

    create a backchannel instantly
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