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Paul Beaufait

PEN00031 | UKEdChat - Supporting the Education Community - 9 views

    "Title: Persuasive letter about persuasive letters Description: A letter which attempts to persuade the reader to write their own persuasive letter, and which highlights some of the main points to include. Category: Primary English/Literacy > Non-fiction"
  • Tree House Jaipur - World's largest, most unique, 5 Star & Luxury Tree House Resort. Located atop "trees", the tree have several live branches running through the rooms making nature universal in the Lap of luxury. Jaipur Airport is 40 km from Tree House resort Jaipur
Paul Beaufait

Educational Malpractice - The Child Manufacturing Process | Creative by Nature - 13 views

    "[I]f the learner-centered model has proven itself to be so effective, and the high-stakes testing approach of the factory model has not, why is this model still dominant in many "leading" nations around the world? Why are so many business and government leaders in nations like the United States, Japan, Britain and Korea obsessed with test scores and international rankings? Are they not aware of the social consequences of this approach?" (¶10, 2015.03.30)
Dennis OConnor

Emerging Asynchronous Conversation Models : eLearning Technology - 15 views

  • The standard model for asynchronous conversations is discussion forum software like vBulletin.  I've talked before about the significant value that can be obtained as part of Discussion Forums for Knowledge Sharing at Capital City Bank and how that translates in a Success Formula for Discussion Forums in Financial Services.  I also looked at Making Intranet Discussion Groups Effective.
  • However, I've struggled with the problem of destinations vs. social networks and the spread of conversation (see Forums vs. Social Networks). 
  • Talkwheel  is made to handle real-time group conversations and asynchronous ones.  It can act as an instant messaging service a bit like Yammer, HipChat for companies and other groups, but the layout is designed to make these discussions easier to see, archive, and work asynchronously.
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  • Talkwheel’s design makes class conversations easier to follow, more interactive, and more effectively organized. It eliminates the problem of navigating multithreaded conversations, enables real-time group conversation, and makes referencing asynchronous conversations much easier. Talkwheel’s dashboard organization allows teachers to organize all their classes and projects in one centralized location, while Talkwheel's analytics helps teachers and administrators quantitatively monitor their students’ progress throughout the year.
  • Quora is a Q&A site nicely integrated with Facebook that has done a good job providing a means to ask questions and get answers.
  • Quora has been able to form quite an elite network of VCs, entrepreneurs, and other experts to answer questions.  They've also created topic pages such as: Learning Management System. 
  • Finally, Namesake, is a tool for real-time and asynchronous conversations.  It's a bit like Quora but more focused on conversation as compared to Q&A and it allows real-time conversation a bit like twitter.  You can see an example of a conversation around phones below.
  • All of these point to new types of conversation models that are emerging in tools.
    Threaded discussion is an old technology. It's inspiring to think of new ways we can talk together at a distance that allow integration of both synchronous and asynchronous technology. I often thing we'll look back on the course management systems we use today and think of them as something like a 300 baud modem. Eyes Front! What's over the horizon line?
Kathleen N

Waybe - From the digital to the real world - Home - 0 views

shared by Kathleen N on 27 Sep 09 - Cached
    Creates paper models based on Sketch-up creations
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