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Vahid Masrour

The Evolution of Classroom Technology | Edudemic - 38 views

    very good look at classroom technologies (with detailed data for the US at least)
Vahid Masrour

Educational Leadership:For Each to Excel:Preparing Students to Learn Without Us - 36 views

  • lives in a moment when personalizing the learning experience is not just a possibility—it's almost an expectation
  • The ability to learn what we want, when we want, with whomever we want as long as we have access creates a huge push against a system of education steeped in time-and-place learning.
  • we need to fundamentally rethink what we do in the classroom with kids
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  • are we preparing students to learn without us?
  • the new dance that teachers have to learn in order to guide students to success—letting each student create his or her own learning experience yet still meet the expectations of the class, the school, the state, and now, perhaps, the nation
  • students have real difficulty identifying what they love
  • Sometimes finding a passion just takes time; for some students, it takes several texts or subjects before they find something that really sparks an interest.
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Vahid Masrour

Eric Mazur on new interactive teaching techniques | Harvard Magazine Mar-Apr 2012 - 51 views

  • shift from “teaching” to “helping students learn.”
  • ctive learning overthrows the “transfer of information” model of instruction, which casts the student as a dry sponge who passively absorbs facts and ideas from a teacher
  • rethink the nature of the college course
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  • Websites and laptops have been around for years now, but we haven’t fully thought through how to integrate them with teaching so as to conceive of courses differently
  • ask my students to read my lecture notes before class, and then tell me what questions they have [ordinarily, using the course’s website], and when we meet, we discuss those questions.
Vahid Masrour

Home | Apps for Good - 47 views

    Putting the youth to work to create solutions (or at least apps).
Vahid Masrour - 19 views

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