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Paul Beaufait

Six Tools To Create Interactive Learning Content On Your Blog - 15 views

    High school teacher Roslyn Green explains how she creates interactive content using six free online tools: Flippity, H5P, Playbuzz, LearningApps, Quizizz, and Tinycards.
Vahid Masrour

Become a Content Curation King | ClickZ - 11 views

  • there's one thing that we have now that we didn't have in the 90's…the mass adoption of social media
  • it isn't just about information seeking, it's also about synchronizing a community
Tero Toivanen

Wiki in the classroom - Class Wiki - 0 views

    Wikis can be an invaluable tools to support your online teaching activities. Intodit provides a free and flexible Wiki service where you can drag and drop content, including text, graphics, and video with a focus on ease of use. This page tries to help you with setting up a Wiki for your class successfully.
Jeff Johnson

Content used to be king (learning in an online world) - 0 views

    There was a time when books, newspapers, magazines and journals were the prime source of content and information.  It was always your move! navigating the authority maze,  enjoying slow reading of (limited) information sources in order to gain a knowledge base that matched a particular curriculum outline. This was when content was king and the teacher was the sage on the stage. Now communication is the new curriculum, and content is but grist to the mill that churns new knowledge. Why?  I came across a few good reads this week that set me thinking and wondering about the changes that we must support in our teaching and in our library services.
cheryl capozzoli - Home - 0 views

    Publish your own content!
Ebey Soman

APFaq on Bukisa - Share your Knowledge - 0 views

    Apfaq's content on Bukisa - Share your Knowledge, Earn Money.
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