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Dennis OConnor

An Apple tablet could pit iTunes against Amazon - - 1 views

  • What can Apple do better with e-books? For textbooks or anthologies, Apple can give iTunes users the ability to download individual chapters, priced between a few cents to a few bucks each.
  • It would be similar to how you can currently download individual song tracks from an album. It might even have the same earthshaking potential to transform an entire industry by refocusing it on the content people actually want instead of the bundles that publishers want them to buy.
  • College students would love this: Teachers rarely assign an entire textbook, so they would save hundreds of dollars by downloading only a few chapters of each textbook.
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  • Other than having the upper hand with digital distribution, an Apple tablet can compensate for other e-book readers' shortcomings. In a previous story, polled students on their interest in Amazon's large-format Kindle DX reader. Several of them said they couldn't imagine ditching textbooks for a Kindle DX, foreseeing challenges with tasks such as notetaking, highlighting and switching between books while writing essays.
  • Assuming its computing powers and interface design are anything like the iPhone's, a touchscreen tablet would make these student-oriented tasks as easy as a few swipes and taps -- far more pleasant than clunking around with the Kindle's cheap buttons and sluggish interface. Plus, we would imagine students would be able to type their papers on the tablet.
  • There's huge potential in a tablet if Apple can pull this off. The challenge lies in establishing the right partnerships. If Apple weaves e-books into the iTunes Store, will book publishers hop on board? Given Apple's success in numbers, we think so.
    What can Apple do better with e-books? For textbooks or anthologies, Apple can give iTunes users the ability to download individual chapters, priced between a few cents to a few bucks each.
Dennis OConnor

Why The FCC Wants To Smash Open The iPhone - - 0 views

  • Right about now, Apple probably wishes it had never rejected Google Voice and related apps from the iPhone. Or maybe it was AT&T who rejected the apps. Nobody really knows. But the FCC launched an investigation last night to find out, sending letters to all three companies (Apple, AT&T, and Google) asking them to explain exactly what happened.
  • The FCC investigation is not just about the arbitrary rejection of a single app. It is the FCC's way of putting a stake in the ground for making the wireless networks controlled by cell phone carriers as open as the Internet.
  • On the wired Internet, we can connect any type of PC or other computing device and use any applications we want on those devices. On the wireless Internet controlled by cellular carriers like AT&T, we can only use the phones they allow on their networks and can only use the applications they approve.
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  • Google must secretly be pleased as punch. It was only two years ago, prior to the 700MHz wireless spectrum auctions, that it was pleading with the FCC to adopt principles guaranteeing open access for applications, devices, services, and other networks. Now two years later, in a different context and under a different administration, the FCC is pushing for the same principles.
  • FCC cites "pending FCC proceedings regarding wireless open access (RM-11361) and handset exclusivity (RM-11497). That first proceeding on open access dates back to 2007 when Skype requested that cell phone carriers open up their networks to all applications (see Skype's petition here). Like Google Voice, Skype helps consumers bypass the carriers. The carriers don't like that because that's their erodes their core business and turns them into dumb pipes. But dumb pipes are what we need. They are good for consumers and good for competition because they allow any application and any device, within reason, to flower on the wireless Internet.
  • The FCC also wants Apple to explain the arbitrariness of its app approval process: 4. Please explain any differences between the Google Voice iPhone application and any Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications that Apple has approved for the iPhone. Are any of the approved VoIP applications allowed to operate on AT&T?s 3G network?5. What other applications have been rejected for use on the iPhone and for what reasons? Is there a list of prohibited applications or of categories of applications that is provided to potential vendors/developers? If so, is this posted on the iTunes website or otherwise disclosed to consumers?6. What are the standards for considering and approving iPhone applications? What is the approval process for such applications (timing, reasons for rejection, appeal process, etc.)? What is the percentage of applications that are rejected? What are the major reasons for rejecting an application?
  • Why does it take a formal request from a government agency to get Apple (and AT&T) to explain what the rules are to get on the wireless Internet?
    Opening the iPhone would make educational apps much easier to publish. Apple's monopoly means e-text-book readers and classroom use of hand held computers (which is what the iPhone and iPod reall are) have to pay a toll to Apple. Right now, Apple's approval system is cloaked in mystery. Developers have no way to market their products without 'official' approval. Opening up the iPhone and by extension opening up wireless networks around the country will drive down high prices and bring connectivity to more inexpensive computing devices. I hope this FCC investigation is the domino that kicks open the door to the clouds of connectivity that are already out there!

Best new Apple TV games - 0 views

    Best new Apple TV games- Apple will finally allow apps and games, turning the Apple TV into the greatest games console.
intermixed intermixed

Longchamp Pliage Love Series Pas Cher Apple - 0 views

Le 11 septembre 2013, Jose Maria Madiedo, enseignant à l'Université espagnole de Huelva, avait l'oeil rivé sur deux télescopes d'observation lunaire lorsqu'il a détecté un puissant flash lumineux d...

Longchamp Pliage Insect Pas Cher Love Series Plume

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Martin Burrett

Swift Playgrounds now available on the App Store - 0 views

    Swift Playgrounds, an innovative new iPad app from Apple that makes learning to code easy and fun for everyone, is now available on the App Store. With Swift Playgrounds, real coding concepts are brought to life with an interactive interface that allows students and beginners to explore working with Swift, the easy-to-learn programming language from Apple used by professional developers to create world-class apps.
Dwayne Abrahams

Getting started with Apple's Podcasts app | How To - CNET - 35 views

    Apple made mention of a standalone podcast app earlier this month, but most figured it would arrive with iOS 6 this fall. Not so. Earlier this week, Apple released Podcasts. It's free and universal, designed for both the iPhone and iPad.
Tom March

The Exhaustive Guide to Apple Tablet Rumors - apple islate - Gizmodo - 14 views

    Growing consensus on the Apple Tablet / iSlate - Gizmodo does a rumor roundup.

The NEW Honor View 10 Smartphone. Can it compete with OnePlus 5? - Gadgets World - 0 views

    All NEW Honor View 10. This brings another premium smartphone to a market that is already dominated by Apple, Samsung And OnePlus. Will Honor be able to steal away some of those die-hard Apple, Samsung And OnePlus fans? Only time will tell.
    All NEW Honor View 10. This brings another premium smartphone to a market that is already dominated by Apple, Samsung And OnePlus. Will Honor be able to steal away some of those die-hard Apple, Samsung And OnePlus fans? Only time will tell.

Apple Logic Pro X 10.2 Crack [Windows + Mac OSX] Free Download - 0 views

    Apple Logic Pro X 10.2 Crack Windows + Mac OSX is the best advanced version of logical software.Logic pro x pro tool that is used in mixing & edit sounds
Tero Toivanen

How One Classroom Actually Used iPads To Go Paperless (Part 1: Research) | Edudemic - 53 views

  • “The technology used really help to enhance the writing and research process. Diigo and the iPads proved to be particularly helpful during the process of researching and annotating. Some minor challenges were presented with the use of this technology (writing with the IPads was a bit more difficult than typing on a computer), but nothing interfered with the process in a negative way. Some of the technology could prove very useful in the future.” 
  • Dropbox - This app allows students to work offline in the Pages app and upload their document to their Dropbox account with each new draft.  Pages does not support direct upload to Dropbox.  As a solution, students linked their Dropbox accounts with SendtoDropbox.
  • One of the earliest steps in the process was to have the students share a folder in their Dropbox account with their teacher in order to allow the teacher to check in on their progress along the way.
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  • Pages - While there are less expensive alternatives for word procession on an iPad, Pages is the most stable option that will consistently be supported and updated for the life of the iPads.
  • Diigo Web Highlighter for Safari - As one of our goals was to take advantage of the web connectivity and social bookmarking, Diigo was a perfect solution.  Once the Diigo app is installed, there is a three step process to install the Safari web highlighter.
  • To access and refer to each other’s research, students had to access Diigo through Safari, not the Diigo app.  The purpose of the collective research group was to have students examine each other’s research and use the resources their classmates found in their final research paper.
  • Notability - Because students would still be conducting traditional paper based research, we needed a solution that would allow them to digitize and share their research.  When students found traditional paper content that was part of their research, they could snap a picture of the document and pull it into Notability.  They could then digitally highlight, underline and insert notes on the document.  Notability will also export directly to Dropbox from within the app.
  • Explain Everything - This step was a late addition to the process and allowed students to create video screencasting feedback of each other’s papers.
  • Students exported a PDF version of their paper from Pages and email it to a classmates SendtoDropbox email address.  This would place the PDF version of the paper into the classmates Dropbox account.  The receiving student could then open ExplainEverything, link to their Dropbox account and use the PDF of their classmates paper as the back drop to the screencast.  To share the video files, we had students publish directly to the teacher’s YouTube channel from ExplainEverything. 
  • the recent update to the Google Drive app that allows for in-app creation, editing and sharing of a Google document absolutely changes the landscape of going completely paperless with iPads.  The clunky workaround of combining Pages, SendtoDropbox and Dropbox in order to get student work shared with the teacher would be much streamlined by conducting the entire process through Google Drive.
  • As an alternative to the process of writing in Pages, collecting research in Diigo and storing documents in Dropbox, I would consider jumping to Evernote to house the entire process.  Writing, researching and sharing could all be conducted within Evernote.
    Great article about how to use iPad:s in projects, with useful tips about apps.
Ehsan Ullah

Apple iPhone 4S Is My Favorite Device! - 0 views

    The new Apple CEO Tim Cook has been emerged up with an iPhone 4S to the surprise of all, while the entire technology world has been waiting for iPhone 5.
intermixed intermixed

faux sac longchamp pas cher Les - 0 views

Espagne. L'organisation séparatiste basque armée ETA a refroidi les espoirs d'un abandon imminent de la violence, vendredi, en repoussant l'annonce attendue d'un cessez-le-feu. Ce recul a mis le g...

faux sac longchamp pas cher soldes

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intermixed intermixed

faux sac longchamps soldes l'insu - 0 views

On a également ratifié le protocole additionnel, qui soumet le programme à un contrôle de l'AIEA. L'Iran a accueilli 1 400 inspecteurs de l'AIEA. Nous avons toujours coopéré. Ce que nous voulons au...

faux sac longchamps soldes pas cher

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intermixed intermixed

Polo lacoste pas cher Uribe destitue - 0 views

Haniyeh avait échappé lui-même à une tentative d'assassinat en septembre 2003, alors qu'il était en compagnie de cheikh Yassine. Irak. La voiture piégée a explosé en fin d'après-midi, une heure de ...

lacoste L.12.12 Classic fit Polo pas cher Survetement

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Karen Vitek

Hands-on review of the new Apple iPad | - 29 views

    " * Easy email and web browsing * Great for watching movies * iPad: Apple unveils tabet device * Pictures: First glimpse of the iPad * Gamble: Apple's risk with the iPad IMAGINE the screen of a MacBook Pro minus the keyboard and you'd have a good idea what the iPad is like. "
Jim Farmer

Apple - Education - Resources - Teachers and Administrators - 21 views

    Education specific resources for teachers and admin. How to put apple products to work for you.

Nokia chiede giustizia per 10 brevetti rubati dalla Apple - 0 views

    La Nokia ha depositato brevetti tecnologie su reti e sistemi GSM, UMTS e/o LAN nel Delaware in USA, ma dal 2007 con la nascita dell'iPhone la Apple non ha pagato le dovute licenze ed ora la Nokia...
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sac pliage longchamp pas cher )La - 0 views

La France sera-t-elle le prochain Etat à passer devant les tribunaux pour politique climatique négligente ? Après le cas des Pays-Bas, condamné en juin à réduire davantage leurs émissions de gaz à...

longchamp solde sac pliage pas cher a main

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Martin Burrett

Apple Clips - 0 views

    "A video clip editor from Apple with filters, graphics, emoji, music and more. Use it to make video feedback, short instructions for flipped learning, and whatever else your imagination can create."
Martin Burrett

Math Champ - 0 views

    A truly amazing Apple App for learning maths. Download the host or client app to your Apple device and set maths quizzes to complete in real time together in class. The apps communicate through a wireless network or Bluetooth and the host device tracks and keeps all the data for each quiz so you can see where your class need to improve. To set questions you just turn the sections on or off and the app chooses questions from these at random.
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