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One Flip of the Classroom [INFOGRAPHIC] - 0 views

    Improve Student Learning and Teacher Satisfaction in One Flip of the Classroom provides a visual representation of the results from Classroom Window's flipped classroom survey. It highlights some interesting statistics about the kind of teachers who have implemented this educational model.
Tero Toivanen

Some Folks Flip for the "Flipped" Classroom | CITES Academic Technology Services - 21 views

    "The flipped classroom model inverts, or "flips" teaching methods by switching activities traditionally done at home with those done in class. Lectures, in the form of several short videos, happen at home where students watch prerecorded lessons online. Homework is done in class where teachers and students engage in a variety of active, and collaborative learning activities. Increased student access to technology, cheaper recording methods, and an increasing demand for open content have paved the way for Khan Academy and other online instructional repositories to move teaching out of the classroom and into the home."
Laura Diaz

What 'Flipped' Classrooms Can (and Can't) Do for Education | NEA Today - 0 views

    "Not too long ago, many teachers would have been horrified at the thought of their students watching them on YouTube. But in the world of "flipped" classrooms, students watching online videos of their teachers is a key part of their instruction. Tyler Johnstone, an algebra teacher in Folsom, CA, is one of the growing number of educators who have integrated the flipped model into their classrooms."
Tero Toivanen

The Flipped Class: Myths vs. Reality - THE DAILY RIFF - Be Smarter. About Education. - 52 views

  • The Flipped Classroom is NOT:A synonym for online videos. When most people hear about the flipped class all they think about are the videos.  It is the the interaction and the meaningful learning activities that occur during the face-to-face time that is most important.About replacing teachers with videos.An online course. Students working without structure.Students spending the entire class staring at a computer screen.Students working in isolation. 
  • The Flipped Classroom IS:A means to INCREASE interaction and personalized contact time between students and teachers.An environment where students take responsibility for their own learning.  A classroom where the teacher is not the "sage on the stage", but the "guide on the side".A blending of direct instruction with constructivist learning.A classroom where students who are absent due to illness or extra-curricular activities such as athletics or field-trips, don't get left behind.A class where content is permanently archived  for review or remediation.A class where all students are engaged in their learning.A place where all students can get a personalized education.
Tero Toivanen

Commons Sense | What my student think about the flipped classroom - 49 views

  • So the key points I want to make about the flipped classroom that I have learnt from my wonderful class: Students do learn how to manage themselves to make this method effective Making your own video’s really matters with respect to teacher contact and correct syllabus language/ style The right online question bank is a great tool for student learning (plus reduces stress on all) And finally …my year 12 IB Physics flipped classroom really works and so could anyone else’s.
    Could you tell us more about your online question bank? How do you have it setup, tool? Do you use an online quiz that provides more than one time to get the correct answer, hints to answers, and scores to students so they will know performance? What types of activities do you provide partnered with videos they watch? Thanks for your feedback.
    Thank you for your comment and really good questions. I'm special education teacher and I'm teaching severely autistic pupils. Comment in my Diigo post is directly from the blog, so I think it would be better to make the question in the blog. There are already really good comments in there. I think flipped classroom is fantastic idea and I'm trying to find teachers in my school, who could try it. In my classroom it's not possible so far.
Tero Toivanen

The Flipped Class Manifest - THE DAILY RIFF - Be Smarter. About Education. - 40 views

  • "The Flipped Classroom is an intentional shift of content which in turn helps move students back to the center of learning rather than the products of schooling."
  • We are actively transferring the responsibility and ownership of learning from the teacher to the students in a Flipped Classroom. When students have control over how they learn content, the pace of their learning, and how their learning is assessed, the learning belongs to them.  Teachers become guides to understanding rather than dispensers of facts, and students become active learners rather than receptacles of information.
  • The Flipped Classroom is a pedagogy-first approach that strives to meet the needs of the learners in our individual schools and communities.  It is much more an ideology than it is a specific methodology...there is no prescribed set of rules to follow or model to fit.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • It's not "record your lecture once" and you're done; it's part of a comprehensive instructional model that includes direct instruction, inquiry, practice, formative and summative assessment and much more. It also allows teachers to reflect on and develop quality and engaging learning opportunities and options for internalization, creation, and application of content rather than just fluff or time filling assignments.
Tero Toivanen

Flipped classrooms: teaching at home and doing homework at school | | Colorado... - 33 views

  • The 5th graders in Doug Hinkle's class at the DaVinci Academy in School District 20 are among the first elementary students in the country to be part of a "flipped" classroom.
  • Instead of spending 20 minutes each hour lecturing, Mr. Hinkle pre-records video podcasts to teach his lessons.
  • Removing the lectures from the school day frees up Hinkle to give more attention to individual students or small groups. If you were to drop into his class unannounced, it may seem a bit chaotic, but Hinkle says it's a controlled chaos.
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  • The online community boasts 3,000 teacher members. Sams says he's routinely asked to join conference calls or use Skype to address educators and lawmakers around the world.
  • "I've been to Norway, I've been to Germany, I've been to probably 6 or 7 different states just this year and it's only March."
    "The 5th graders in Doug Hinkle's class at the DaVinci Academy in School District 20 are among the first elementary students in the country to be part of a "flipped" classroom."
    It a great idea , today I was attending a high school implimenting location based learning project. I actualy came to the same conclusion. forml knowledge would have better been aquired through reading and recorded information while the class would have been better used for "workshop" activity in which students would have created location based learning objects
Martin Burrett

What the flip? Exploring technologies to support a flipped classroom by @katessoper - 0 views

    A flipped classroom is one where the lectures become the homework and the traditional homework tasks take place in the lesson time. This enables students to attend sessions with an understanding of the subject and to conceptualise and build upon it through doing exercises in class, with you, as the tutor, on hand to answer questions and explore the topic in more detail. This moves the tutor from the "sage on the stage, to the guide on the side" (King, 1993).
Roland Gesthuizen

8 Observations on flipping the classroom - Articles - Educational Technology ... - 0 views

  • Flipping is not for everyone. There is not one right way to teach. There is not even one way to flip your classroom.
  • The videos are a very basic part of the class. It is not the entire story
    One of the more unfortunate buzzwords to appear in online education circles and the press is "flipping the classroom". .. The students watch the videos for homework, freeing up the lesson for interactivity, project work and so on. I not impressed with this brilliant "new" idea. Why not?
Tero Toivanen

How the Flipped Classroom Turned Me into a Better Student - Getting Smart - 38 views

    "The flipped classroom made a huge impact on my education - and life. Without the change in my class structure, I don't think I would be applying to colleges and thinking about continuing my education beyond high school. Not only did my grades and scores improve, but I began enjoying school and learning, and it taught me how to learn and think on my own. The flipped class turned me into a better student."
Elana Leoni

The Flipped Classroom Infographic #flippedclassroom #blendedlearning #edtech - 0 views

    Useful infographic on the flipped classroom model.
Wanda Terral

How the Flipped Classroom Is Radically Transforming Learning - 0 views

    From THE DAILY RIFF - Be Smarter. About Education.
Charles Fowler

Why I Gave Up Flipped Instruction - 42 views

  • It has nothing to do with videos, or homework, or the latest fad in education. It has everything to do with who owns the learning.
  • No. The thing that I didn’t expect was that my students created flexible groups, depending on what they were working on. They found peers who were working on the same concept they were, so that they could help each other. Sometimes they realized who they couldn’t work with on a particular day, and found a different group of peers to work with instead. And to solidify what my students were learning, we engaged in hands-on activities and labs that actually used the Chemistry concepts they were studying.
  • When I first encountered the flip, it seemed like a viable way to help deal with the large and sometimes burdensome amount of content
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  • I imagined the flip as a stepping stone to a fully realized inquiry/PBL classroom
  • Lest anyone think we were able to do this because we learn in a high-tech school, that’s not the case. We weren’t a 1:1 classroom. We used whatever devices my students had, which often was a couple of iPads, a few computers, and student cell phones.
  • Alfie Kohn’s book The Homework Myth
  • Learning isn’t simply a matter of passively absorbing new information while watching a lecture on video; new knowledge should be actively constructed.
    Great post by Shelly Wright. It's not about the videos.
Vahid Masrour

flip-the-classroom.png (698×2378) - 53 views

    27 ways to flip the classroom
Judy Robison

The Flipped Classroom: The Full Picture for Tinkering and Maker Education « U... - 48 views

    " a model of teaching and learning based on experiential education. It is a model in which authentic, often hands-on, experiences and student interests drive the learning process, and the videos, as they are being proposed in the flipped classroom discourse, support the learning rather than being central or at the core of learning."
Neil O'Sullivan

Flipped Classroom Training & Technologies | Flipped Institute - 0 views

    The Flipped Institute 
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